Send Money via ACE Money Transfer and WIN One of Three iPhone 13 Pro and a Honda Livo Bike

Does your phone seem to be outdated? Do you wish to buy a new phone but do not have enough resources? What if you get to experience the fun of having an iPhone 13 Pro for FREE! ACE Money Transfer brings you the biggest offer of all time. You can win three iPhone 13 Pro and a Honda Livo Bike without even going through any complex procedures. 

The amazing offer is an upgraded episode of the company’s existing “Salam Bangladesh” promotion designed explicitly for its Bangladeshi customers that send money to Bangladesh from abroad via ACE Money Transfer. This year’s Ramadan promotion aims to enable ACE’s customers to feel the essence of new technology for FREE. Consider it a thank-you gift from ACE Money Transfer to appreciate its faithful customers in this blessed month of Ramadan.

What do you get out of this offer?

“What will I get?” is the most intriguing question that comes to mind when Ramadan offers are made. ACE Money Transfer will be giving out 3 iPhone 13 Pro to its three lucky winners and a grand prize of a Honda Livo Bike to one of the lucky customers. To enter the lucky draw and win from this promotion, all you have to do is simply send your remittances to Bangladesh from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and several other countries via ACE Money Transfer. Whether you are an existing or new member of the ACE family, you have a chance to win these amazing prizes through the lucky draw!

Time to fulfill that iPhone dream!

Have you wished for an iPhone 13 Pro because your current phone is outdated? Or did your fantasies of riding a Honda Livo bike while enjoying the serenity of a cool breeze on your face come true? Don’t be concerned! Because of ACE Money Transfer’s remarkable efforts, meeting your desires is possible. The ACE fortunate draw will run from the first day until the end of Ramadan 2022. Making an online money transfer to Bangladesh is all that is required to enter the competition. Your contribution is the simplest path to a heartwarming prize.

There must be a catch to this offer, right?

If you’re wondering that there’s something behind this offer or if it’s a ruse to catch you off guard, rest assured. ACE Money Transfer has been in the remittance business for over two decades. Their reputation precedes them, and their commitment to their consumers is unmistakable. ACE  has always offered its customers the most convenient way to send money internationally with smooth, secure, and instant service.

There are no strings attached to this offer. If you’re an existing customer, keep transferring your funds to Bangladesh via ACE Money Transfer. As a result, you are eligible to participate in this lucky draw. If you haven’t already used its services, don’t worry since it’s never too late. You can sign up with ACE family today and get double rewards. Yes! You enjoy a welcome bonus of FREE first transaction without any charges on the first sign-up. Besides, with the best exchange rates, you stand a chance to enter the lucky draw to win the prizes in the promotion.

So, when will the lucky draw take place?

You have time until the end of Ramadan 2022 to enter the lucky draw. Starting on April 8th, a winner will be chosen every week for the next three weeks. There will be four draws in all, with THREE LUCKY WINNERS for the iPhone 13 Pro and ONE WINNER for the Honda Livo bike. 

The first winner will be announced on the 8th of April 2022, whereas the second winner will be announced on the 15th of April. As for the third draw, it will be conducted on the 22nd of April 2022. The winner of the Honda Livo bike will be announced after Eid-ul-Fitr.

Ready to Win an iPhone 13 Pro and a Honda Livo bike at the ease of money transfer

It’s past time for you to give up unreliable money-transfer services that are difficult to comprehend due to numerous regulations and policies and do not provide you with any benefit. Meet up with ACE Money Transfer; their onboard members will supply you with excellent services and the quickest solutions to your money transfer issues.

Do you have trust concerns when it comes to money transfer services? DON’T WORRY!

Since 2002, ACE Money Transfer has proven to be a beneficial, safe, and financially sensible remittance service provider. Based out of Manchester, the UK, it has an operational presence in above 100 countries with a vast customer base of millions. Especially Bangladeshi diasporas who always keep looking to find the best way to send money to Bangladesh online find ACE the most trusted service. ACE has more than 350K payout locations worldwide where expatriates in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and numerous other countries rely on its remittance services to transfer funds cross-borders.

A trust-building strategy that pays off handsomely!

ACE Money Transfer tends to improve benefits for its clients by resolving their cash-related concerns. The company achieves such goals by incorporating them into client-based administrations and award offers by becoming indispensable to the organization. ACE’s enthusiastic efforts demonstrate its hard work and commitment to its clients. It is doubtlessly a Trust-Winning Practice for ACE Money Transfer’s valued clients’ prosperity and fulfillment.

It’s time to bring your “A” game to the remittance table

If you’re already a member of the ACE family, you won’t need to register to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. Just send money to Bangladesh via ACE Money Transfer and you are in the competition. If you’re new to ACE’s services, be prepared to be assisted by the best. Its customer support representatives will clear up any ambiguities quickly, bringing a professional staff to your side to help you along the process.

On the official website of ACE Money Transfer, you may read the full terms and conditions for money transfers and the current promotion for the giveaways of three free iPhone 13 Pros and a Honda Livo bike

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