How to Repel Wild Geese from Your Property- The Most Humane Methods?

Are you facing geese trouble? Geese are entertaining to watch and pleasant to feed in public parks and areas close to lakes or ponds; however, if they decide to make your property their home, they may quickly wear out their welcome and become a nuisance.

Today, we will talk about the most effective method for goose management, beginning with why these pests are on your property and why you should keep them away. Then, we will conclude with some of the most effective solutions, like geese repellent, to keep these lovely but destructive birds under control.

Why Geese Are Making a Home on Your Property?

Geese are drawn to various ecosystems. Their presence can be a nuisance throughout the year in some locations, particularly if they settle on a particular piece of real estate and become attached to it.

There is a strong correlation between the presence of Canadian geese and freshwater sources such as lakes and ponds. They also favor verdant scenery and lawns that have been meticulously maintained. There are several reasons why you could see geese in public parks or on golf courses, and this is one of them.

If you have many geese on your property and are searching for the most effective goose repellent, you should think about a few other variables that may be luring them to your house. Geese are attracted to a variety of habitats and food sources.

Like most other pests, Geese will be drawn to regions that offer them both a place to nest and food to eat. Some geese will land in your yard, and while some will only stay for a short period, some will land and decide to make your house their permanent residence.

If this is the case, you are likely to have access to a nearby source of water, a large quantity of food that geese can eat, and you reside in an area that does not have an excessive number of geese’s natural enemies.  

Why Keep Geese Away?

While a few geese on your property will most likely not cause you any problems, if left alone, geese can begin to mate, and one pair can grow to over 100 in less than five years. Then your property will become their home, and they will become accustomed to it!

If geese take over your property, you may experience various problems. Their droppings can wreak havoc on your green areas. If you have a large flock of geese, you will immediately see that this situation is out of hand.

If you have water on your property, as you most certainly do if you have a lot of geese visiting, their droppings might pollute the water. If you have specific crops planted, such as wheat, corn, or even sunflowers, geese will consume them, resulting in crop losses.

If you notice geese congregating on your property at any time of year, you’ll want to learn how to keep these wild birds out of your backyard.

Tips on How to Repel Wild Geese from Your Property?

Timing. If you want to eliminate the goose troubles you’ve been having, the best time to implement control measures is before the geese establish their nests, which can happen anywhere from the end of February to the beginning of April. No method will be successful once geese have established nests with eggs or have goslings until the goslings have flown the nest and the adult geese have grown new flight feathers.

Feeding. It might appear obvious, but giving food to geese is a terrible idea unless you never want to see them again. The Canada goose quickly gets used to receiving food handouts and can become reluctant to leave locations where they are consistently provided with food. Your situation will only worsen if you live in a residential development where your neighbor feeds the geese. Eventually, the geese humans feed will overcome their natural dread of the species and continue breeding closer to people’s homes.

Vegetation buffers. Canada geese look for bodies of water surrounded by vast stretches of mown grasses native to cooler climates. But if there is a break in the line of sight, the geese will be discouraged from landing there because they feel uneasy not knowing what is on the other side of the dense vegetation growing along the coastline. You could try planting wetland or terrestrial plants like cattails, sedges, rushes, or grasses that grow during the warm season. Aim to have a zone width of 10 feet and a vegetation height of at least 2 feet when you are finished.

Repellents. Goose deterrents are available in various configurations, including bird-repellent lighthouses, ultrasonic pest repellents, predator decoys, repellent sprays, motion-sensing sprinklers, and more. A product of this kind will not only assist you in your efforts to get rid of Canadian geese, but it will also ensure that other wild birds will not make a home in your garden or yard.

Dogs. Because they are a natural predator that makes geese uncomfortable, dogs of any breed have the potential to be effective at driving geese away. In addition, geese do not enjoy being herded, which is another reason they will eventually leave an area if there is constant movement. Be careful to allow the dog unrestricted access to the sheep at all times, or at least four to six daily opportunities.

Noise. Goose populations can be driven out of a region by introducing sudden, unexpected loud noises. However, using this method in conjunction with other strategies yields the best results. You do not want the geese to become accustomed to a particular noise; therefore, it is best to switch up the noises you employ rather than rely on one. Routine equipment such as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), tractors, leaf blowers, and air horns can effectively drive geese away. Just make sure you don’t stick to using the same one over and over again.


Keep the geese on their toes by switching up your tactics and moving the decoys around. This will keep them from becoming complacent. Using any combination of these strategies can eradicate geese from your property.

Talk to an expert if you’re still having issues with your geese or if you’re unsure how to solve the problem you’re facing if you’re in either of those situations.


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