3 Tips to Reduce Window Heat Loss

Have you ever noticed that your home or office can be much warmer than it should be? If so, there is probably a problem with the insulation in your windows. Air leaks from the window cracks and causes heat to escape. This is not good for heating bills or comfort levels! In this article, we will share three tips on reducing the amount of heat escaping through your windows.

Seal any cracks or gaps in window frames

You can do this with caulk or weather stripping. This is a quick fix and it can make a huge difference in your window insulation!

You’ll want to do this if you have older, more drafty windows with sash weight ropes on them. It’s easy, inexpensive fix which makes an impact right away! Your home/office will feel warmer immediately after doing it. In addition, consider adding storm panes to keep out cold drafts during winter months! These are thin sheets of plastic insulation installed inside your existing single-pane glass window frame. They can make a big difference and they are easy to install.

Foam insulation is another option if you want to do something more permanent and customizable. This is also an affordable solution (something like $100 – $200 per window), making your windows much more efficient at keeping out cold air during the winter months! It’s not as cheap or quick as the other options, but it has great results that last for years. The website linked below will explain how to do this yourself!

Add storm windows 

This is a great option for people who want to keep their existing window frames. Storm windows are installed outside your primary window frame, which means you can use them year-round! They increase insulation and block out cold drafts during winter while still allowing natural light into the room. During summer they also cut down air conditioning usage by keeping heat out (when closed). It’s an excellent long-term solution that makes sense if you live in colder climates or experience extreme temperatures every season.

Install new energy-efficient windows

The last option is to replace your windows with new, energy-efficient models. This will have the biggest impact on insulation and heating bills! It might seem like a pricey project, but in the long run, it makes sense if you want a quick fix that lasts for years or even decades.  It’s also a great option if you want to sell your home since it will make the property more valuable. Your comprehensive guide to energy-saving windows.

If you want to stop wasting money on your energy bill, try out the tips we’ve provided. They can make a huge difference, and they are easy to do! Try one or more of these solutions and see how much this helps your home/office stay warmer during the winter months.

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