Priscilla Presley Net Worth: A Fascinating Career Highlights [2023 Updated]

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Priscilla Presley net worth is a popular topic around the internet. American actress and businesswoman Priscilla Presley’s net worth is estimated at $50 million as of 2023. Her name is Priscilla Ann Presley, but most people call her Priscilla Presley. During her work, she has been in many movies and become well-known. In 1983, she played Sandy Redford in Love Is Forever, her first job in the movie business.

She has been working in this field for a while, and during that time, she has played many well-known parts. The same year, she made her second movie, The Fall Guy. She has worked with renowned artists in the business. She is also a businesswoman. She helped start Elvis Presley Enterprises and was its head for many years. She became well-known in acting after playing Jenna Wade on the TV show Dallas.

Priscilla Presley’s Biography

Priscilla Presley was born on May 24, 1945, making her 77 years old. Priscilla was born in the U.S. city of New York City. She was raised by James Frederick Wagner and his wife, Ann. When she was only six months old, her father died in a plane crash. Priscilla spent most of her childhood in Austin, Texas. Her mother and husband later moved the family to California. 

As a teenager, she started to model and act in neighborhood shows. Elvis Presley was stationed in Germany then, and she met him while visiting family there in 1959. After getting together, they got married in 1967. Priscilla is now well-known in the business world.

Full Name

Priscilla Ann Presley

Nick Name

Priscilla Presley



Birth Date

May 24, 1945

Birth Place

Brooklyn, New York, United States


77 years old

Marital Status



Elvis Presley


Lisa Marie Presley, Navarone Garibaldi






Writer, Businessperson, Actor, Television producer, Film Producer

Priscilla Presley Net Worth

It is thought that Priscilla Presley’s net worth will be around $50 million in 2023. Most people know Priscilla as the ex-wife of Elvis Presley, an American singer who died in 1977. She became well-known because she helped start the business.

It made Graceland one of the most-visited places in the United States. Priscilla is a wealthy businesswoman who runs many different businesses and makes millions of dollars. She has written two autobiographies that have been released. She has also given a lot of money to charity and helped spread the word about it. She brings in $5 million every year.

Net Worth:

$50 Million

Source of Wealth:

Actress, Businesswoman

Monthly Salary:

$0.3 Million

Annual Income:

$5 Million

Country of Origin:

United State of America

Last Updated:


Priscilla Presley’s Career

Priscilla Presley Net Worth
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In 1973, Priscilla and friend/stylist Olivia Bis established the Bis & Beau clothing boutique in Los Angeles, which celebrities such as Cher, Barbra Streisand, and Natalie Wood adored until 1976. When Elvis died in 1977, Priscilla was Lisa Marie’s executor. After realizing how much of her daughter’s inheritance would go to Graceland (for upkeep, taxes, and other expenditures), she helped CEO Jack Soden turn Graceland into a popular tourist attraction. 

Graceland opened on June 7, 1982, and was an instant success with Elvis fans; the museum has been designated a National Historic Landmark since 2006 and receives over 650,000 visitors annually. Priscilla served as president and matriarch of Elvis Presley Enterprises, and by the time Lisa Marie Presley was of age to inherit the estate in 1993, it was worth more than $100 million.

She has also produced several film and television projects, including “Elvis and Me” (1988), “Breakfast with Einstein” (1998), and “Finding Graceland” (1998), as well as the upcoming Netflix adult animated series “Agent King.” She was a series regular on “Dallas” (1983-1988) and appeared in all three “The Naked Gun” films as Jane Spencer, the love interest of Leslie Nielsen’s Lt. Frank Drebin. She joined the board of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 2000. Priscilla was also offered a starring role in “Charlie’s Angels,” but she declined.

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Priscilla Presley’s Early Life

Priscilla Presley was born on May 24, 1945, in Brooklyn, New York, United States. Her full name is Priscilla Ann Wagner. Her mother, Ann, had Priscilla when she was 19, and her father, James, a Navy pilot, died in a plane crash when she was only 6 months old.

In 1948, Ann married Paul Beaulieu, an Air Force officer, and Priscilla started using his last name instead of Wagner. Because Beaulieu was in the Air Force, the family moved every few years. Presley grew up in Connecticut, New Mexico, Maine, and Texas. In 1956, Paul was sent to Germany. There, Priscilla met Elvis Presley, who was in the Army then.

Priscilla Presley’s Family, Parents, and Siblings

James Wagner and Anna Lillian Iversen are the people who raised Priscilla Presley. James Wagner, Priscilla Presley’s father, is a Navy pilot, and Anna Lillian Iversen, her mother, was a housewife.

She has five half-brothers as well. Donald, Michelle, and Jeffrey are her half-siblings, and Thomas and Timothy Beaulieu are twins.


James Wagner


Anna Lillian Iversen


Donald, Jeffrey, Thomas, Timothy Beaulieu


Michelle Beaulieu

Priscilla Presley’s Personal Life

After her divorce, Priscilla moved in with Mike Stone and remained together until 1975. From 1978 to 1985, she was in a relationship with male model Michael Edwards. Still, she ended it when Edwards engaged in inappropriate behavior toward Lisa Marie, an adolescent. 

On March 1, 1987, Elvis Presley and his partner of 22 years, screenwriter and computer programmer Marco Garibaldi, welcomed their son Navarone. Priscilla and Marco ended their relationship in 2006, and she began dating television executive Nigel Lythgoe from 2006 to 2009. Presley was also associated with the attorney Robert Kardashian and the photographer Terry O’Neill.

Priscilla has four grandchildren through Lisa Marie, including the actress Riley Keough. Benjamin Keough, her grandson, committed suicide in July 2020. In 2022, Priscilla Presley became a great-grandmother via Riley. Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Priscilla, died of a heart attack at 54 on January 12, 2023.

Since 2003, Presley has served as the Dream Foundation’s Ambassador. The organization grants wishes to adults with terminal illnesses. She contacted Governor Bill Haslam in 2013 to express her opposition to the Tennessee Ag-Gag Bill, as she is an animal advocate.

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How Much Money Did Priscilla Presley Get from Elvis?

On May 1, 1967, Priscilla and Elvis Presley married in Las Vegas in just eight minutes. Their daughter Lisa Marie Presley was born nine months later but has since passed away.

She would say years later that her marriage left her physically and mentally unfulfilled. After almost five years of marriage, the couple split up in 1972 and divorced in October 1973.

At their divorce, Priscilla got $725,000 in cash, payments for child support and spousal support, 50% of the sale of the couple’s Beverly Hills home, and 5% of Elvis Presley’s royalties from his publishing companies.

Priscilla Presley’s Real Estate Information

In 1976, Presley bought the house her parents had lived in for $170,000. In 2019, she sold it for $3.9 million. She had a 7,000-square-foot home in Beverly Hills for many years. She moved in as soon as she was no longer married to Elvis. In August 2020, Priscilla put her impressive $16 million Beverly Hills home on the market. She sold this house for $13 million at the end of 2020.

She bought an apartment in Century City, California, for just under $5 million in January 2021. Riley Keough was named the trust controller of Elvis’ Graceland home and given 15% of the late singer’s estate after Lisa Marie Presley died in January 2023. This allegedly made Priscilla angry and led to a dispute over a $35 million trust fund. But Priscilla Presley recently said that the court drama surrounding the feud is “a bunch of BS.”

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Priscilla Presley’s Physical Appearance

Priscilla Presley is a beautiful girl with a good attitude. She has a beautiful, sexy, rounded body that is the right size. Her body is about 32-23-34 inches long, comprehensive, and tall. She is about 5 feet 4 inches tall and about 56 kilograms in weight. Her light brown eyes and bright blue ones are beautiful and exciting.

Figure Measurement


Eye Color


Hair Color

Light Brown

Hair type


Hair Length




Skin Type


Shoe Size

4 US


5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)


56 Kg (123 lbs)

Priscilla Presley’s Social Media Profile

Priscilla Presley is active on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Her Instagram id is @priscillapresley, and she has more than 673K Followers. Also, Priscilla Presley’s Facebook has 958K followers, and Twitter has 179K Followers.









Activism and Charity

Since 2003, Presley has been the ambassador for the Dream Foundation, a charity in Santa Barbara that helps terminally sick people and their families have their dreams come true.

In 2013, Presley was against the Tennessee Ag-Gag Bill. She said that she and Elvis loved horses and feared the law would make it harder to find out about animal abuse. It was noted that Presley left the Church of Scientology in 2017, but she denies this.

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Final Words

Priscilla Presley has built an impressive legacy in the entertainment industry through her marriage to Elvis Presley and her successful career. Born in 1945, she is 75 years old, and Priscilla Presley’s net worth of around $50 million in 2023. Her various ventures span acting, business, philanthropy, and writing, reflecting her diverse talents.

As the mother of Lisa Marie Presley and a respected figure among Elvis Presley fans, her influence continues to be felt today. Priscilla Presley’s multifaceted journey and accomplishments truly make her a significant and enduring icon.

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