Dwayne Johnson Shatters Ceiling: Highest Paid Actor in History for Next Movie Role

According to recent reports, Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming film, Red One, would earn him the highest paycheck ever received by an actor.

The former WWE star turned actor has established himself as one of the biggest movie stars working today with parts in the Fast and Furious trilogy, Jumanji, the DC Extended Universe, and numerous standalone action movies over the course of the past decade or so. The production of Johnson’s next film, titled Red One, came to a close earlier this year, and it is an action-adventure Christmas movie that is scheduled to be made available on Prime Video during the holiday season of 2023.

Now, a fresh report discloses that Dwayne Johnson was given a record-breaking sum for his role in the film Red One. Johnson reportedly made a total of $50 million for his major part as Callum Drift, the Commander of the E.L.F., according to Puck News, which was obtained through The Direct. This is not just the largest payment he has ever received for a single job, but it is also the highest salary an actor has ever received throughout the entirety of their career.

How Much Does Dwayne Johnson Make From Red One?

Before earning $50 million for Red One, Dwayne Johnson‘s highest pay was a $23.5 million tie for Jumanji: The Next Level from 2019 and Red Notice from Netflix. Not far behind were Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw ($20 million), Jungle Cruise ($22 million), and Black Adam ($22.5 million). Johnson’s Red One compensation is significantly more than the previous record-holder, which was a tie between Will Smith’s income for his Academy Award-winning performance in King Richard and Robert Downey Jr.’s salary for Captain America: Civil War, both of which were $40 million.

Hollywood’s best performers used to earn an average salary of $20 million plus a share of the film’s box office revenue. However, streaming has unquestionably altered the playing field in this area. Since Netflix and Prime Video movies typically don’t receive widespread theatrical releases, these streaming services pay performers ahead based on a portion of anticipated box office receipts. Red One is also the product of Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions, which may be another factor in the record-breaking sum of money he earned. Johnson is often a bankable attraction, but it is unclear whether his enormous Red One salary will be profitable.

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