Tips on Planning the Perfect Staycation at Home

  • Are you planning a perfect staycation at home?
  • Are there some ways through which you could do it?

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In this article, we are going to discuss some of the ways through which you can make your staycation a successful one.

1. Hire Someone Else To Clean The House

This is the first requisite to staycation is, no work. You will definitely not work when you are on staycation.

Take your cycle, visit the beac, the mountains, fresh air, and a new perspective. This is what you will be doing. Stay away from household chores…you are missing the opportunity. 

2. Stay Central 

While you are on a staycation, try to stay centrally to get the best facilities. If you are staying centrally, you will not have any problem with transportation and the availability of other facilities to travel from one place to another.

Besides this, you are going to get savings on travel costs. Therefore you are going to manage both ends, planning, and economics. 

3. Plan Your Meals

Do you think that you are missing something while planning your staycation? In case you have not planned your food, let us tell you… your planning on staying is zero. 

Food is an integral part of any tour or vacation, party or celebration. Take your time, and flip over your cookbooks. Try to browse the internet.

Jot down the new items that hit the markets. Call your friends and try them on your own. If you only cook…get it from the restaurant…but not eating out, eat at home. 

4. Tour You Own City 

As reflected through the introspection of an orient poet, you visit different countries; you thump your victory over mountains.

But you didn’t bother to see with eyes and hearts opened…trading a few steps, dew droplets on the top of the paddy plant. Nothing better describes it.

You have your own beauty. Nature has gifted you with bounty… rivers, and the woods. Have you visited them all? 

Why not honestly say No. So explore your own hometown first. 

5. Bike Around The City

This is a must on your list of do’s in your staycation. Take your Mountain bike or motorbike. Wake up before the sun. Start for some cliff or mountain nearby. It’s better if you do it all alone. Enjoy the tranquillity of nature. 

6. Disconnect From The World

Remember, any kind of engagement…be it social media or office chats. It’s strictly prohibited. Keep away.

Believe us; these will mar and dry down all your charm of staycation. Simply get your mobile phone out of your life.

Apparently, it sounds impossible, but if you do, it is like you have reached a new island completely detached from human intervention. Meditating in the woods. Just try it once. The experience will be like heaven on earth!

7. Enjoy Movies And Game Nights

Keep the nights for movies. Discuss with your friend and select a few movies. Make a list. Turn your home into a mini Cinema hall. Watch with your loved ones. Enjoy quality time with. 

Well, you have another option open.

Arrange game nights. Call your friends. Play games like Fifa. Have your fries, popcorn, and drinks ready. That will do. 

8. New Restaurant 

Have you received recommendations for some new restaurants? Plan a visit to the place, and surely you are going to have a new experience. Relish what’s best they can offer. 

You will be amazed to see the number of restaurants and cafes that have opened up in the locality. Thus, there are no ends to your foodie desires.


A staycation is far too different from a vacation. So if you are planning for a staycation this Christmas, make sure you keep the points above.

We hope you have a great staycation. Do not leave anything behind. 


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