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Offroad Adventure Preparation Tips

ATV enthusiasts are always looking for new adventure destinations, as those trips offer scenery, skills tests, and an opportunity to spend time with like-minded friends. However, without proper preparations, trips may not be much fun. Here are a few steps ATV experts recommend when preparing for an offroad adventure.

Service Your ATV

A properly tuned ATV is less likely to break down during a trip, so every owner is encouraged to service their ride before every trip. That includes changing the oil, checking fluid levels and tires, ensuring all lights work, and inspecting all body components for damage. Options for a customized ATV can also help prevent damage while on the trail.

Map the Route Carefully

Some of the best ATV sites are pretty remote. That means planning the route to reach a trailhead is crucial to avoid delays. Of course, getting to a trail is only part of the planning. Getting quality maps (either paper or digital) of the trail prevents getting into areas where the conditions may be too dangerous for riding.

Knowing the riding conditions in advance also makes preparing easier. Most riders take pride in their ATVs and expect challenges during a ride, but no one wants to cause unnecessary damage to their ATVs. In addition, give someone at home a digital or paper copy of the map for the trail you’ll be riding. Someone should always know your proposed riding route.

Pack for the Trip

Not all trips require the same level of preparation, but some essentials are always needed. Don’t leave home without sufficient food and water, and don’t forget to bring a good set of tools, including tire patch kits and a way to air up a tire.

Wearing the proper clothing, including a helmet, gloves, boots, and protective outerwear is always crucial. Plan for the worst weather, and bring rain gear and sufficient clothing to get through a cold night.

Bring Enough Fuel

Filling up the ATV’s fuel tank before leaving home is essential, but also bring enough fuel to fill the tank when you’re on the trail. Running out of gas is more than a simple inconvenience. Being stranded far from help is dangerous.

If you’re unsure how much fuel is needed for a specific trail, bringing more gas than necessary is undoubtedly better than not having enough. Remember that different trail conditions alter an ATV’s fuel consumption. Riding in rough terrain uses far more fuel than riding on groomed trails.

Read Up on Local Rules

Before heading out to a new area, take the time to learn about all local regulations related to ATVs and riding area trails. Then, make sure you follow them. Running into legal problems will ruin a great trip quickly. If you’re in a group, insist everyone follows the rules. No one wants to see trails closed because riders ignored those requirements.

Heading Home

Riding ATVs is great fun, but don’t forget about maintenance chores after the ride. Once you’re home, clean the ATV, perform any scheduled maintenance, and take care of repairing any damage to body components. A little TLC ensures the ATV will be ready for the next ride. If you’re ready for a little customization, explore those options during downtime. New tires and wheels, better brakes, and new graphics kits enhance a bike’s looks and performance.



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