Nepal Resumes Visa Services after One-month Pause

Nepal’s Department of Immigration decided to resume all the visa services starting from Sunday.

The department suspended the visa service on August 10 after one of its employees tested positive for Covid-19.

The resumption of visa services will basically benefit the foreigners who have been staying in Nepal even during the current pandemic, reports Xinhua.

“We will also provide a visa on arrival services to the foreigners at the airport,” Ram Chandra Tiwari, information officer at the department, said on Saturday.

According to the Immigration Department, more than 10,000 people with foreign passports are currently staying in Nepal.

It would regulate visa of foreigners till September 27 without any fee or penalty due to pandemic situation, said the immigration department.

But others will have to renew their visas till December 15 by paying regular tourist visa free, it said.

As of Saturday, 53,120 people tested positive for coronavirus in Nepal and a total of 336 people died.


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