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Natural Remedies to Cure Thyroid at Home

Thyroid causes women to have a variety of problems. Some women’s weight starts to grow faster, so some suddenly get less. They also surround periods and pregnancy problems. Thyroid is also known as Silent Killer as it also becomes the root cause of many other diseases.

Ayurvedic treatment removes thyroid

People who suffer from anxiety, depression or have iodine deficiency are most at risk of getting thyroid. Sometimes the side effects of medicine or any thyroid in the home are also likely to increase the risk of the disease. Know here the ayurvedic home remedies, which can relieve thyroid.

1. Thyroid patient should eat one teaspoon of flax powder daily. This relieves thyroid.

2. The use of coriander water in thyroid is considered a panacea. Soak the coriander in a copper pot in the evening and keep it in water. In the morning, mash the coriander thoroughly and drain the water.

3. Thyroid patients should consume 10 grams of Amla powder in an empty stomach in the morning by adding 10 grams of Amla powder. After two hours of dinner, add 10 grams of Amla powder to a teaspoon of honey. Doing this every day will help you to see the benefits in 15-20 days.

4. Thyroid patients should consume milk and yogurt daily. These contain vitamins, calcium and minerals that are in thyroid control.

5. Thyroid patients should use ginger, garlic, white onion, mulethi and cinnamon more in food.

Thyroid patients should not eat these things

1. Thyroid Patients should not consume Soya products. This increases thyroid discomfort.

2. Patients with this disease should not eat oily, spicy and high calorie items.

3. Sweet food increases the thyroid, so do not consume sweets at all.

4. Thyroid patients should not eat broccoli and refined food at all.

5. Thyroid patients should not even eat sea food and red meat

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