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Heal Yourself – Get Rid Of Addiction

drug addiction

An Addiction is a form of the disease in which the person affected by this is unable to control themself from the urges to overuse any substance. Addiction can include any sort of thing like the consumption of drugs, alcohol, etc. No matter the type of substance, getting addicted to it can cause heavy harm […]

What is Frontend and Backend Web Development?

Programming language

Welcome to the world of IT! Web development is the process of creating websites and web applications, which consists of many stages. To understand how this works, you need to know what the site consists of and what tools are used to create it. Traditionally, these two areas of development are divided into frontend and […]

Natural Remedies to Cure Thyroid at Home


Thyroid causes women to have a variety of problems. Some women’s weight starts to grow faster, so some suddenly get less. They also surround periods and pregnancy problems. Thyroid is also known as Silent Killer as it also becomes the root cause of many other diseases. Ayurvedic treatment removes thyroid People who suffer from anxiety, depression […]

Apple Surpasses $100 Billion in Quarterly Revenue

Apple Child Protection Measures

Apple closed the last quarter of the 2020 corona crisis year with record profits of a good $ 28.7 billion. For the first time, the iPhone manufacturer has also generated more than $ 100 billion in sales within a quarter. With $ 111.44 billion, Apple earned 21 percent more than a year earlier. All product lines as well as the […]