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8 Mattress Buying Mistakes That Will Leave You on the Wrong Side of the Bed

Mattress Buying Mistakes

Buying a mattress can be an overwhelming process. There are thousands of options, and it seems like the rules are changing all the time. Do you want memory foam or spring? Hard or soft? Queen or king? Whatever your answers to these questions are, you want to avoid some of the eight common mistakes that mattress buyers make. 

Overlooking the benefits of an organic mattress

It’s good to go with organic options as much as possible, and mattresses are no exception. Organic latex mattresses are not only better for the environment, but they are better for your health. An organic mattress can be especially beneficial if you suffer from allergies or chronic headaches, as they don’t aerosolize chemicals the way traditional mattresses do. 

Not knowing the different types of mattresses

There are two main types of mattresses: memory foam and spring mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are a newer invention and have several layers of foam and gel that hold the mattress together. While these beds tend to be more expensive, they are easier to ship and unload.

On the other hand, spring mattresses have a set of springs that keep the bed from caving in on itself. These mattresses are cheaper than memory foam mattresses and usually have a gel or foam lining on top for comfort. 

Going for the cheapest option

It’s tempting to walk to the least expensive mattress and buy it on the spot. However, a mattress is a significant investment for a reason. Good sleep is one of the most vital things you can do for your body, and cheaper mattresses might not serve you as well as they should. 

Instead of immediately buying the least expensive mattress, look for a mattress that suits your needs. You’ll be able to find one at a lower price, even if it costs more money than the least expensive option. 

Buying without a trial period

When it comes down to it, you won’t know how much you love a mattress until you spend a few nights on it. Most beds offer a free trial period, and you should take advantage of the opportunity to test run your new sheep counter. You don’t want to spend several hundred dollars only to be miserable every time you go to bed. 

Getting the wrong size

Of course, you know how to buy the right mattress size, right? Unfortunately, remembering the size can sometimes go by the wayside, especially with the different available classifications. If you are moving or refurbishing a bedroom, you might not remember the correct size. Here are the standard mattress sizes: 

  • Twin
  • Double or Full
  • Queen
  • King or California King

If you’re not sure how big your current mattress is, you can find the standard measurements of each mattress type using a quick Google search. 

Not paying attention to sleeping positions

The way you sleep has a massive impact on what kind of mattress you need. Side sleepers need a different level of firmness than back or stomach sleepers. Without the right amount of firmness and type of mattress, you could develop back or spine issues from a lack of support. When choosing the perfect mattress for you, pay attention to how you sleep. 

Forgetting about a sleeping partner

It’s never a good thing to forget about your partner, but it’s especially bad when it comes to the bed you share. When you are thinking about your sleeping positions and firmness levels, you need to keep your partner in mind as well. You might need a dual-adjustable mattress that has two different firmness levels. Many airbeds and memory foam mattresses allow this difference, so no one has to sleep in the doghouse. 

Ignoring user reviews

Never ignore the user reviews, no matter how popular the mattress is. If the advertisements look fantastic, it feels comfortable in the store, and every single review says it’s terrible, it’s probably terrible. Real people leaving reviews are a strong motivator for a company, so pay attention to these.

Wrap up

Think things through before committing to a new mattress. Double-check that you have the right size and firmness level to suit yourself and any partners, and take advantage of any trial offers. You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep, so don’t take your new bed for granted. 

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