Make Your House Look Expensive with The Help of Art

The excitement of decorating your house is immense. You might buy expensive furniture, play around with colors, and experiment with lightning. But your house will look incomplete if you do not consider those bare walls. Consumers spend about $150 million every year on buying artworks. While decorating your house, the walls need attention, and the best way to decorate them is by incorporating art.

Buying art is based on personal choice. Great artists and interior designers suggest you buy art with your eyes, not your ears. Select something that you feel connected to. You can include art in your house by buying sculptures, paintings, photographs, rugs, tapestry, and other handwoven forms of art.

When it comes to the walls, however, you have a wide range of painting styles available that you can choose from. First, of course, you can buy replica paintings and art for your house, but before that, it is essential to be aware of various painting styles. These are described below:


Originated in Paris, impressionists use thin lines and delicate brushstrokes to showcase ordinary objects from unusual angles in original oil paintings. It would be amazing to choose impressionists’ paintings for your house, especially when fine oil painting reproductions and copy painting are a common trend. 

A famous impressionist Mary Cassatt is known for painting women in domestic settings. Some of her famous portraits, like In the Lodge, The Cup of Tea, and Woman with a Pearl Necklace in a Loge, are perfect for giving your house an expensive look. These paintings highlight the beauty of women. It also highlights the bold, robust characteristics of women. Hanging it on your walls may speak volumes about your opinion about gender equality. 

For this reason, it is essential to understand what you are buying, as the art reproductions you will display will reflect your characteristics and qualities. It will also allow your guest to understand you better and, in many circumstances, will mean much more than simply decorating your house. 

Another famous impressionist painter you can look for is Pierre-Auguste Renoir, who creates classical outdoor sketches. Renoir’s handmade oil painting, Dance at Bougival, would be perfect for house walls as it is composed of vibrant colors and vivid imagery. This classical piece will add color to your living room and lounges by depicting the love and passion between his two friends.

The abstract style of painting

While talking about the art gallery paintings that can make it to your walls, abstract art is one of the most intriguing styles of painting that needs attention. Interestingly, it does not follow a specific perspective. It instead focuses on color tones and emotions. For instance, the painting Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow, by Piet Mondrian coherently depicts vivid color composition and straight lines. 

You can also add intensity and emotions to your wall by placing abstract paintings by the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. His works demonstrate human experience, and he draws inspiration from music. In this regard, he believed that sound could be experienced via brushstrokes. Composition VII is one of his unique artworks that can brighten up your house, giving it an expensive look. It displays an image of redemption and uses symbolism behind animals and mountains.


Cubism is a revolutionary movement that involves paintings focusing on reality. Cubism involves breaking down an image into several different shapes and recreating it to create several different perspectives simultaneously.

The founder of cubism, Pablo Picasso, made around 1900 paintings in his career. This makes him a perfect artist with impressive artworks that would uplift the mood of your home décor. 

You would love Girl before a Mirror with an attractive background, a dual portrait by Picasso. It is a portrait of Picasso’s mistress, and the artwork talks a lot about women and how they are perceived. In other words, it represents the idea of how female views herself and how she is seen. One side showcases a young beauty. The other displays her dull, pregnant version. Hanging handmade paintings will aid an intellectual conversation with your guests; a must-buy!


Surrealism is an influential movement of the twentieth century that focuses on distorted images and dreams. The surrealists disregarded the concept of rationalism and focused on the unconscious mind and creativity.

The hand-painted portrait, The Inn of the Dawn Horse, can make fantastic artwork for your house. It is a self-portrait by a famous female surrealist, Leonora Carrington. This autobiographical narrative is an intelligent work where the artist recreates her reality. Her paintings are famous for mysterious autobiographies, occult, and images of alchemy.

Your solid color wall can also be enhanced by displaying The Son of Man by Rene Magritte. The painting is an exciting piece of work where the face of the artist is hidden behind the green apple. The self-portrait depicts an intense emotional message communicating the idea that what we see hides something else. Paintings with symbolism and more profound hidden messages are an excellent buy. This way, you can add emotions to your walls and make your house look extravagant. 


With a unique style, even a small space can appear grand. When it comes to the interior of your home, you can always play around with the décor, the color tones, and the lighting. One way to enhance the décor of your house, giving it an expensive look, is by displaying paintings on its wall.

Art tells stories. Selecting the right painting for your wall will add color to the dull walls and emotion to your living experience. And that is what you need; to make your house your home! Choose whatever appeases you and reflects your ideology from the various painting styles. Add it to your walls and give your house an elegant touch.

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