How to Get a Loan as a DoorDasher?

Are you a DoorDasher who’s wondering how to get a freelancer loan? As you know, DoorDashers enjoy the flexibility that most workers don’t have, in that they can set their own hours, drive routes they agree to, and decide on which orders they do and don’t want to accept. But this opportunity comes at a cost.

DoorDashers work as sole proprietors, which can complicate tax returns and lines of credit. DoorDashers also don’t have the kind of stable income that’s necessary to help deal with unexpected expenses, such as medical bills and car repairs. It’s all too easy for freelance drivers to fall into debt, which can affect their credit score. And with most loans requiring that you submit to a credit history check, this can prove disastrous for DoorDashers looking to get financial help.

With that said, obtaining a freelancer loan as a DoorDasher is possible, and your best bet is to go with an online bank or financial institution like Nearside, which has a loan tailored for freelancers.

What Kind of Loans Can I Get as a Door Dasher?

Direct lenders offer an alternative solution for DoorDashers despite the fact that their income changes over time. These lenders provide loans for a variety of needs, such as buying a new vehicle, getting a cash advance, paying for your car title, or even tackling general expenses. Many of these loans have less strict restrictions and allow for greater financial freedom.

When you consider how much driving you’ll be doing with DoorDash, it’s especially important to consider the possibility of repairs and vehicle upkeep costs down the line. These loans help with those costs as well as medical costs, funds to pay bills, and more.

Let’s look at a few different loan options that you might qualify for as a DoorDasher.


Peer-to-peer lenders work with a number of different lenders. With their financial risk spread out to a broader pool, these lenders are more likely to consider a DoorDasher’s application than other lenders might.

These lenders usually grant short-term loans that you can use in case of emergencies. With that said, many people are taking these loans out and using them as cash advances. These loans allow you to retain the flexibility you’re used to.


A payday loan is also meant for the short term, and a borrower usually needs to repay the amount the next time they get paid. A payday loan is far easier to apply for and qualify for, and these loans have fewer requirements.

If you have a poor credit score and need funds fast, payday loans can help you. DoorDashers frequently use payday loans to quickly pay for medical costs or vehicle repairs. Payday loan providers have adapted to the current working climate, and they offer flexible repayment options explicitly geared toward freelancers.


With an installment loan, you can borrow money on a long-term basis and repay what you’ve borrowed over the course of a year or longer. Some of these loans have a fixed interest rate, but not all do. They typically give you a particular monthly installment that you must consistently pay.

With an installment loan, you have access to more money for a longer time, but you also have to pay off the loan for a more extended amount of time than you do with some other loan types.

Car Title

Many DoorDashers use car title loans, and with good reason. These loans allow you to borrow right away. With that said, you need to put your car up as collateral to take out one of these loans. This means that a lender can take your vehicle’s title if you default on the loan.

You can typically borrow up to 75% of the value of your car, but this will vary depending on the lender, your vehicle type and condition, and other similar factors. You will also need a better credit score and a more stable income to qualify for one of these loans.

How to Apply?

In most cases, you can apply for a loan online and see approval in as little as a few minutes or less. Let’s look at the application process in detail.

Fill out an Application

Most freelancer loan applications take five minutes or less to fill out, and many lenders allow you to apply online. Be sure to provide accurate information to help expedite the overall process.

Wait for Your Approval

Once you’ve sent in your application, the lender needs to verify all of your information and come to a final decision regarding your loan. While some lenders do this manually, more and more lenders have started to fully automate this process. As a result, you can expect your approval or rejection to come in within minutes in most cases, if not seconds.

Make a Decision

Once a lender approves your loan request, you should look over all of the terms and conditions in detail. Check the interest rate and repayment requirements and make sure that they align with your needs and capabilities at this time. You have no obligation to accept an offer.

Deposit the Funds Into Your Account

Most loans allow you to deposit the loan amount into your bank account directly. From there, you simply need to follow the repayment plan.

Whichever option you choose, there’s never been a better time for a freelancer to set their own hours and decide their own fate.

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