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Monday, December 5, 2022

Lionel Messi Waves to PSG Fans after Arriving Wearing Paris Shirt

Lionel Messi has been seen waving to PSG fans after arriving in Paris wearing a PSG shirt.

Messi, who is wearing a Paris shirt, is nearing an official presentation after leaving Barcelona this summer.

PSG has already published a tantalizing video that all but confirms Messi’s move to the Parc des Princes, albeit they have yet to publicly say that they have signed him at the time of writing.

But, at this point, with Lionel Messi waving to PSG supporters, what more proof do we really need?

Barcelona fans must be in agony since Messi admitted during his press conference over the weekend that he didn’t even try to quit the club.

After spending his whole career at Barca, it will be strange to see the Argentine play for anyone else.

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