Get Multiple Knifes from CS:GO Cases

Custom in-game models were presented even in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive predecessor labeled «1,6». During these times it was often tied to custom servers and their modifications. Today, with the ability to trade the aforementioned models called «Skins» you can get the advantage not only with your aim but with style too! Obtaining them, on the other hand, is often tied to a huge random and money sinks.

The solutions are 3rd party roulette cs go websites where you can conveniently get weapon and character models with a couple of clicks.

Get skins in-game

It is hard to see all the benefits of using these web pages if you have no idea where to get skins in the first place. Let us review all the places:

·   drops at the end of the pub or ranked matches;

·  case and package opening;

·  reforge 10 skins of a similar rarity into 1 of that rarity using the «Trade-Up» system;

·  steam market and trading.

Aside from direct market purchases all of these methods involve a huge amount of random. But there are some methods to turn the tides in your favor.

Why choose CS:GO roulette

Online skin roulettes are much more convenient for casual players than in-game opportunities. These benefits make the case opening process so smooth:

·         open multiple weapon cases at once;

·         trade low-rarity skins for bonus points;

·         deposit bonuses and free roulette spins for newcomers.

You can easily withdraw the best skins you won at these sites. Many automatic bots are unsure you will get the arms in no time. An average delivery took less than 1 minute.

A way to multiply skins

There are even ways to multiply loot from CS:GO cases using other types of websites called «Online Betting». Add your items instead of real money to make bets on Counter-Strike professional matches. Spice your favorite tournaments up by making predictions and winning the rarest skins in the process.

The most expensive lots on the community market

The best skins are out of reach for an average gamer to buy from the Steam Market. The prices can reach thousands of dollars. Look at the most expensive skins in the history of CS:GO skins market:

·         #347 Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem — $600k;

·         Stattrack AK-47 Case Hardened Blue Gem + 4 Titan holographic stickers — $150k+;

·         Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore + 4 Titan holographic stickers — $250k;

·         Stattrack M4A4 HOWL + 4 Titan holographic stickers — $180k;

·         Stattrack AK-47 Fire Serpent + 4 IBUYPOWER holographic stickers — ???.

As you see the prices are pretty much ridiculous for digital items but the market sees it otherwise. Average chase items you can get from every case in roulette CSGO are knives. In most cases, it is the rarest outcome that can be easily sold on the market to make the cashback. Or kill your enemies with the style during regular matches.

What is in the box

As a bonus feature, you trade in your cases on some cs go roulette websites to get some bonus cash. Opening them requires a key which is not free at all. And 99% of the items you have got from them cannot pay even for half of the key.


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