Restart Your Job Career in Italy

Here in this article, we are going to guide you in finding the details you need to know on how to get a perfect job career in Italy as a foreigner. 

From applying to different jobs to understanding the minimum payouts, and experiencing what is self-employed in Italy.

We will also show you the business ethics and culture of Italy for your smoother integration into the job, you will also get to know about parental leave allowance on the job and other advantages in Italy.

Italy residence permit and Eligibility

The first and foremost requirement for an Italy residence permit is to be aware of the eligibility criteria in the country, the resident workers need fewer requirements while the non-residents need to hassle for an eligible job and then apply for a residence permit to boost their job career in Italy.

Jobs available for Non-Residents in Italy

Earlier, we have heard that the tourism industry will be boosted in the future and here now it is, in today’s life tourism has many job offers for the one who is not a resident in Italy, similarly, another job opportunity is in teaching, if you are expert in any subject then you can apply for the relevant job. You may find huge competition in these common jobs as the vacancies are also more. 

Industry Jobs available for Non-Residents in Italy

The industry sectors such as textile, chemical, food, and technology are in need of engineers and are having more than 1.5 Lakh Job Vacancy in their industry in the coming few years, some of the traditional jobs are shortlisted based on skill and talent.

If you are from a technology background then surely you will not find any trouble to get a job as it’s the most demanding sector and the number of vacancies is very large. You can expect opportunities from software developers, program designers, and telecommunication enterprises.

Benefits and Business Culture in Italy

If you want to integrate yourself better then you must know the business culture followed in Italy at the workplace. The residents of Italy have a well-balanced work-life in both private and public jobs. They get enough time to spend with their loved ones in their daily work routines.

  • The usual work week is from Monday to Friday
  • The working hours start from 8 or 9 AM to 6 or 7 PM eve, with a 1-hour break at noon.
  • The public sector enterprises may also include Saturday for the work week.
  • The residents of Italy are entitled to get 20 days of paid vacation or more than that depending upon the contract.

The paternity leave and allowances are also applicable, but to obtain this, the absence from the workplace is needed, in the cash paternity allowance goes to more than 90% of the pay for less than five days of mandatory leave, this should be availed within the first five months after the birth.

The parental leave, father, and mother can avail of this allowance that consists of 30% of the payment and can be withdrawn within the age of 9 of your children, the maximum leave can be taken is 11 months by both mother and father.

Residence Permit: Small Town vs Big Cities

Getting a residential permit in a small town is easy compared to big cities, according to the census reports of 2016, over 62% of the workmen are preferring to settle in greater capital towns, they are generally following the flow of employment, and large towns offer various opportunities and similar work to boost the skills and work-life that will help to their loved ones.

Many cities are welcoming non-resident citizens for their work-life as they help in building the base of development that helps in the economic growth of the nation. There are various laws and regulations based upon the type of work and its eligibility to get residence permission and visa. 

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