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Discover the Jade Roller Benefits for Your Face [Expert Opinion]

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Do you want to make your face shine? Are you curious about the jade roller benefits for your face? This article will go into great detail about the jade roller benefits for the face.

If you choose the jade roller, you should take the one that is 100% natural jade because, in addition to the positive effects of the massage technique, you will be able to enjoy the beneficial effects of contacting the natural stone with the skin. As an effect of the rock, I highlight that it increases body temperature, helps improve blood circulation, relieves swelling and lymphatic drainage, reduces stress, and relieves pain.

The effects on the face are visible because it reduces wrinkles by increasing blood circulation and oxygen, relaxing the muscles, and reducing eye bags. Purple, dark circles also improve by increasing blood flow in that area.

It will also help you reaffirm and, at the same time, give it a lot of light. The jade stone also treats skin dryness and irritations as it improves skin cell activity. Also, you can find my best tips and advice at my beauty office and discover its status through online diagnosis.

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The technique for using this type of roller is simple: apply serum and cream to clean and dry skin, then massage with the stone using light pressure. The routine should start at the neckline; the movements should be extended, with one pass going up and one going down; the action begins with the birth of the chest upwards and then horizontal movements that cover the neckline from shoulder to shoulder. Go up to the neck and move from bottom to top, but do not pass them on to the thyroid. Only pass them on the outer edges of the neck and under the chin.

To mark the facial oval, start at the chin. In this case, the movements must be made from the center of the chin to the ear on both sides. Now it is time to enhance the cheekbones, and for this, you must move from the nasolabial fold obliquely towards the ear, making the shape of a golf club. You should use the small side for the eyes. In this case, the movements should be from the tear duct towards the outer edge of the eye and then go down the ends towards the neck to the nodes to treat bags and dark circles. On the forehead, make upward movements from the eyebrows to the hairline, and if you have a furrow of anger, hit that area in different directions.

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You can do this routine with a roller three times a week when the day is over, and you deserve these 10 minutes of peace and serenity. Massaging yourself with an ancient Chinese stone like jade, which was already used for medicinal purposes 5,000 years ago, must be a gift for you to do this. With this gesture, you will notice that your face relaxes, relaxes, gains smoothness, firmness, and luminosity. 


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