India to New Zealand Honeymoon – Top 9 Must-Visit Destinations

The different scenes and shocking regular landscape make New Zealand, the minuscule island country, a major competitor for the world’s best wedding trip spots in New Zealand. The normal excellence of the Milford Sound, an absolutely exhilarating experience insight at Queenstown, or a loosening up the occasion in Rotorua – New Zealand special night locations offer the love birds an opportunity to accomplish such a great deal in the wonderful scene.

Should you ask somebody nearby or one who has visited the country as of now for some astonishing thoughts for a special night in New Zealand, you’ll be given a considerable rundown of spots and exercises. These would incorporate some significant objections, alongside more modest attractions like Forgotten World Highway, Waitangi, Te Papa Museum, Mount Cook National Park, Franz Josef Glacier, and Lake Taupo. Yet, they are just so many objections that one can remember for the New Zealand special night with the best an ideal opportunity to visit New Zealand for a wedding trip is the spring season. Peruse on to realize the most cherished spots to visit in New Zealand for the special night!

 9 Must-Visit Destinations for Honeymoon in New Zealand

Are you searching for the most popular spots in New Zealand for your special night?  The spot is home to plenty of such trips that will clearly make your special first night the most memorable one! Yes, the list is too long and the decision is tough. New Zealand Honeymoon destinations, for example, Rotorua and Queenstown are vigorously advanced abroad. With these areas having a weighty presence via online media locales like Instagram, it’s not really astounding that they are well-known decisions. They absolutely will not baffle any new couples that visit! Notwithstanding, this prompts the misinterpretation that New Zealand is an objective justification for couples with a victory spending plan. It is actually the case that on the off chance that you adhere to the more famous objections for your excursion, it will set you back significantly more than the spaces which are more off in an unexpected direction. In any case, it’s these ravishing and lesser-known spots in New Zealand that will truly make your Honeymoon vital!  

In this way, to make life simple for you honeymooners, we present a rundown of the best 9 vacation outings to New Zealand locations.

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Here are the best New Zealand wedding trip thoughts:

  • Waiheke Island in Auckland: The Best City Life
  • Coromandel Peninsula: Kayaking & hiking
  • Waitomo Caves: Blackwater Rafting
  • Rotorua: Orakei Korako Flight
  • Abel Tasman: Bliss for any Honeymoon Couple
  • The West Coast Of South Island: Panoramic Sights
  • Fox Glacier: Heli-hiking on Fox Glacier
  • Queenstown: Country’s Adventure Capital
  • Dunedin: Nature’s Delight

Where should you start your honeymoon in New Zealand?

As most worldwide travelers start their outing in Auckland and finish in Christchurch, we’ll go from North to South. We’ll include any helpful connections for simple reference and data.

1. Waiheke Island in Auckland: The Best City Life

Waiheke Island is only a short 50-minute ship ride from downtown Auckland, yet while you’re here it’s extremely difficult to envision that New Zealand’s biggest city is so close! Waiheke is certainly what you would call a ‘way of life’ objective as far as its contributions. The island is a lovely, loosened-up diamond encompassed by the bluest waters, wonderful seashores, top-notch grape plantations, and cafés. In case you are flying into Auckland, this makes for an incredible first stop on your Honeymoon! It’s not surprising for individuals to travel directly from the air terminal to the ship terminal to amplify their time here.

Waiheke Island is 92 square miles in size, and home to more than 20 grape plantations! This makes the island unimaginably interesting and simple to investigate. Be that as it may, it isn’t the best spot to explore significant distances by walking; the primary piece of the island away from the seashores is amazingly bumpy, and there can be very sizeable distances between regions. Be that as it may, it’s a simple spot to enlist bicycles, vehicles, even retro bikes in case you are feeling brave! It’s additionally an incredible spot to get a directed visit. We enthusiastically suggest Waiheke Wine Tours by local people Wayne Eagleton and Jean Goodbrand, who genuinely know pretty much everything about Waiheke Island. They can tell you pretty much every one of the goings-on and areas of interest on the island during your time there!

Vacation spots: Dining at the 360-degree spinning café – Orbit, skywalk around the Sky Tower pergola, sky hop off the Sky Tower, journeying up to the 260 m high culmination on the Rangitoto Island.

Best time visit: October – March.

2. Coromandel Peninsula: Kayaking & hiking

An extremely normal question that our explorers pose is this: “will we go to the Bay of Islands, or to the Coromandel Peninsula?” accordingly, we have composed a whole post regarding this matter – “Inlet of Islands v Coromandel for the time’s caught voyager: The vital benefit with the Coromandel is that it’s a lot nearer to Auckland (2 1/2 hours versus 4 hours) and has similarly as exquisite view as the Bay of Islands. You’ll get a similar warm environment, and the goliath Kauri Trees and brilliant seashores on the eastern side of the promontory make for some really dazzling waterfront strolls. The Coromandel is the ideal objective for any couple that needs to get out and get dynamic during their Honeymoon. You have some fabulous alternatives, for example, kayaking, boat visits, plunging, and climbing.

Hahei Beach is one of the top areas here. It offers seashore admittance to the world-popular Cathedral Cove Walk (the seashore from the beginning of the second Narnia film!) and the superb Kayaking from Hahei Beach Village. High temp Water Beach is additionally a great spot to visit since it’s actually what it says on the tin! Go at low tide and bring a digging tool with the goal that you can burrow your own personal spa pool! This is an extremely well-known movement all year, so be cautioned: the carpark will be occupied!

Vacation spots: Kayaking and climbing at Hahei Beach, heartfelt stroll from Hahei Beach to Cathedral Cove in the midst of the normally framed church-like curves, and delving and unwinding in your own spa pool at the Hot Water Beach.

Best time to visit: March-August for the Hot Water Beach; throughout the entire year for any remaining areas.

3. Waitomo Caves: Blackwater Rafting

Presently, this truly is an “exemplary Kiwi” experience! The Waitomo region is found halfway between Taupo and Rotorua, so it makes for an incredible stop partially through your excursion and either to or from Auckland. The district is fundamentally similar to a ‘Swiss cheddar’, with limestone cave developments everywhere to investigate through buckling exercises and backwoods strolls. Convenience is more restricted, yet Kamahi Cottage and Waitomo Boutique Lodge are extraordinary alternatives.

Set up during the 1980s (I did my first visit in 1988) the Waitomo Caves Blackwater Rafting is currently habitually recorded as one of the top experience exercises in New Zealand. It’s simpler for you to watch the video to get a feeling of the experience – yet take it from me, it’s protected and fun. This is a genuine ‘wet water’ insight, there’s no staying away from it! Yet, a shower and BBQ is given after the visit. The visit requires around 4 hours altogether. All you need is swimwear and a towel – the fun is ensured! We’ve seen individuals, everything being equal, do this visit and love it, from families to Honeymooners, to individuals in their seventies!

In case you’re not large into water exercises yet love gives in, the Ruakuri cave visits are an incredible elective that actually gives you the cavern insight.

Best time to visit: March-August.

4. Rotorua: Orakei Korako Flight

The region between Rotorua and Taupo is the most geothermally dynamic area in New Zealand. This is an unimaginably remarkable piece of New Zealand’s grand variety that you will not discover in numerous different nations! There is a wide range of geothermal stores that you can without much of a stretch visit – among them Waiotapu, Waimangu, and Te Pui. These will in general be somewhat more touristy, and Orakei Korako is the calmest part. Here, you will discover all of the foaming mud pools, natural aquifers, and springs you could dream of.

You can join a visit to the Orakei Korako with a picturesque departure from Taupo over the space. In addition, you can go for a directed stroll through this volcanic wonderland! The benefit? – you will not need to endure loads of travelers at different stores. Make certain to have great strolling shoes and a downpour coat (for good measure!)

To visit here by driving, it’s ideal to base yourself in either Taupo or Rotorua. Rotorua is the nearest of the two at a half-hour drive, and furthermore offers different types of unwinding like the Polynesian Spa. Taupo permits you simple admittance to the Huka Falls, and to the popular Tongariro Crossing Great Walk also.

An expression of alert here: The Tongariro Crossing is a difficult track that is 8-9 hours single direction, thus ought to just be finished by those with a decent wellness level. The climate is likewise amazingly alterable, so you need to bring tough shoes, layers of apparel, and waterproof pieces of clothing. A few vacationers are saved each year from this track, and this is normally down to an absence of readiness. You would prefer not to place an imprint on your Honeymoon trip.

Best time to visit: November – May.

5. Abel Tasman: Bliss for any Honeymoon Couple

The Abel Tasman is a perfect match for romance! Abel Tasman and adjoining Golden Bay see probably the best climate in the entire country. The northern shoreline of the South Island has the absolute most noteworthy yearly long stretches of daylight, and a lovely environment throughout the entire year. Of course, this makes the area particularly popular for its seashores. Think unblemished white sands and turquoise waters – as far as the landscape, you could undoubtedly be in the Pacific Islands! This makes it an extraordinary spot for a wide range of water exercises like kayaking, paddleboarding, and cruising, just as climbing and cycling trails. The region is home to the Abel Tasman Coast Track, one of the most shocking strolls in New Zealand.

Best time to visit: April – September.

6. The West Coast Of South Island: Panoramic Sights

The West Coast of the South Island can properly be called ‘Heaven’. It’s wild, lavish, and underpopulated – the ideal spot to investigate and discover new nature encounters. As far as the travel industry, the West Coast is by a long shot one of the most lacking pieces of the country. Due to contending with the more notable South Island objections like Queenstown and Glenorchy, it frequently doesn’t make it onto the schedule for some explorers. However it’s such a novel piece of the country that you can’t encounter elsewhere; it will place you as a primary concern of Jurassic Park, in a period before people existed!

This coastline is essentially known for getting colossal measures of a downpour (which discloses why it’s home to such a lot of mild rainforest!) and the heft of this really falls in the mid-year (which is December, January, February in the southern half of the globe). In case you are Honeymooning in the low season between May and September, this is probably the most awesome aspect of New Zealand to visit. You will in all probability be blessed to receive clear radiant days and extraordinary perspectives on the blanketed Southern Alps.

Best time to visit: December – February.

7. Fox Glacier: Heli-hiking on Fox Glacier

The glaciers in New Zealand are extraordinary in that they stream significantly quicker than different glacial masses all through the world. It’s something like 25 km from our most noteworthy pinnacle – Mt. Cook is 3654 meters high – down to the Tasman Sea. Is this what makes New Zealand’s view so extraordinary – in this 25km you have a high country with great ice sheets, rich rainforest, and afterward seashores and tidal ponds. You can do this across the board day!

We exhort a Heli-climbing trip, which merits each penny. The ice sheet is very steep, so the main way you can arrive at it is by helicopter. You’ll get two short helicopter flights and two hours of strolling on a protected piece of the Fox Glacier with a neighborhood guide. The excursions are little, with a maximum of 11 individuals. Unique ice hardware has accommodated the climb. Bring your own shades (the glare can be outrageous) and a decent coat! Layers are significant, as daylight ricocheting off the ice can rapidly warm the encompassing air. Counting wellbeing briefings toward the beginning, the excursion is around 3-4 hours.

Best time to visit: December – July.

8. Queenstown:

Looking for some experience in your New Zealand vacation trip cost? Come here! The nation’s experience capital, Queenstown is among the best special night destinations in New Zealand. This is one of those spots to go for a special night in New Zealand where you both can enjoy different experience exercises.

Vacation destinations: Skiing and Snowboarding during April – November, most noteworthy bungee in Australasia at Nevis Bungee, and Dart River Safari.

Best time visit: December – February.

9. Dunedin: Nature’s Delight

Nature visits don’t get much better than the Elm Wildlife Tour on the Otago Peninsula! In case you are genuine bird-sweethearts, this is an absolute necessity visit. Trust us, seeing the local yellow-looked penguins strolling along the seashore is a mysterious encounter. The Otago Peninsula is an hour’s drive from Dunedin, so an excursion here is not difficult to fit in case you are visiting the city. Speedy note: the Speight’s Brewery is an unquestionable requirement visit!

We energetically suggest joining a consolidated Penguin/Albatross visit with Elm Wildlife. Some portion of the visit cost adds to penguin preservation projects on the Peninsula for examination and aiding debilitated birds. An aide will drive you onto a private homestead property by the seashore, and you’ll go for a 20-minute stroll to the settling space of the Yellow-Eyed-Penguins. It’s quite possibly the most extraordinary sight to see these birds getting back from fishing in the evening and strolling up the seashore to their homes to take care of their chicks. There are seals, ocean lions, and some of the time even ocean elephants. You’ll be squarely in the center of this get-together!

You’ll likewise see the Southern Royal Albatross state at Tairoa Head, on the most distant finish of the Peninsula. It’s the just settling site on the planet near a human settlement for these monster birds (they have up to a 2.5-meter wingspan!).

Best time to visit: December – July.

How to Choose the Right Package for NZ Honeymoon?”

First of all, you should select the place where you want to go. Then it will be easy to make decisions. Another option is some have travel agencies like New Zealand Honeymoon Packages Ltd delivered tour package. You can collect their tour package. which will do your travel experience more joyful.


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