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A diverse range of ethnic groups and nationalities characterizes the European Union. In other words, it is in the process of “diversifying its diversity”, which has necessitated the relaxation of immigration policies. The European Union is and will remain an immigration hotspot. Migrants arrive from all over the world, following new migration patterns. 

Immigrants in European cities are undoubtedly on the rise. Some of them settle and adapt culturally to their new surroundings, enriching the local culture and the diversity of ethnocultural identities. Others maintain transnational connections and activities as well. Consequently, unique lifestyles, religions, perspectives, and cultures are constantly being introduced into the European social framework.

Getting Slovenian citizenship with Citizensl

Getting Slovenian citizenship by repatriation with Citizensl is hassle-free and affordable. You can get an initial free consultation from our professional lawyers. Based on that, the experts will analyze the case of each individual, make an immigration plan, and submit a request to the repository. 

Next, the applicant is required to sign the agreement, indicating the acknowledgment of the terms and conditions set by Citizensl. Thus, you will also need to sign the power of attorney so to simplify the process of acquiring a Slovenian passport for yourself. 

When all the necessary papers are collected, they are expected to be submitted to Upravna Enota, a Slovenian administrative body, by the lawyer.

If the candidate’s case is verified, they will be required to visit Ljubljana for the oath-taking ceremony. At this stage, the experts of Citizensl will provide all the necessary information to prepare for the procedure. After successfully passing the oath, the applicant will receive a certificate of Slovenian citizenship.

The documents required to apply for Slovenian citizenship are:

  • Originals and certified copies of civil status documents, such as birth certificate (or baptismal certificate/ extract from metric books), marriage certificates, ID card, and international passport; 
  • 3,5 x 4,5 cm photos, 2 items; 
  • Citizenship application; 
  • Autobiography; 
  • Power of attorney.

Reviews on Citizensl

The majority of people choose to work with immigration lawyers to shorten the lengthy process. The subsequent is evident by the positive reviews from one of our customers:

“Even though being a Slovenian, I was confused and lacked a thorough understanding of Slovenian citizenship laws and regulations. I’m grateful to the Citizensl team for assisting my wife in obtaining Slovenian citizenship.”

Relocation to European Union

The procedure of immigration includes various ways; however, only through a few of those options you can attain citizenship:

  • By naturalization
  • By repatriation (with assistance of CitizenSL)
  • By birth in the Republic of Slovenia

In the context of Article 10, citizenship can be obtained by naturalization if a person has embarked on a path that meets the national interests of the Republic of Slovenia. However, this is of course associated with several conditions, in particular, the person must be 18 years of age, have a professional certification in the Slovenian language, and have lived in Slovenia for at least 10 years.  

Repatriation is performed in accordance with Article 12, Citizenship Act of the Republic of Slovenia. The stages of that procedure:

  1. The entire repatriation process takes 6 months, plus the extra registration procedure or 12 months if it is a regular repatriation procedure;
  2. Internal document registration takes approximately 21 working days;
  3. International passport registration takes 14 working days (valid for 10 years) or 1 working day (valid for 1 year).

In accordance with Article 4, a child born to a Slovenian parent or a child who is born in the Republic of Slovenia can acquire citizenship. There are a few generational restrictions, i.e., one of the parents must hold a passport at the time of the child’s birth. In the scenario of acquiring citizenship by birth, if any one of the parents is not known, or they are unregistered, a child born on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia acquires the ID card.


In conclusion, everyone who has Slovenian passport has numerous advantages, and this process is worth continuing. Contact us to get a reliable and confidential support at every stage of obtaining Slovenian citizenship. Experts of Citizensl will gladly guide you through the procedure.

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