Ideas to Celebrate Virtual Surprise Parties

Video of tributes

How about gathering several testimonials on video or audio from friends and family and show it to the birthday boy on his/her day? Make a cool birthday video for your loved ones. You can use any birthday video maker app to make your friend feel special.

Singing congratulations for video conferencing

Perhaps the birthday boy is a little upset to sing the congratulations and blow out the candles with “only” the people in the house, who, most of the time, are no more than 4 or 5 people.

Imagine his surprise when he saw several familiar faces, even on a screen, of people who have certainly been following his / her life forever? Everyone will be there, caring, always cheering, and vibrating together. This tip also applies to previous suggestions from apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Instagram, or Whatsapp, for example.

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Arrange everything in advance, including the cake and candles. Who knows, maybe a handkerchief is not necessary?

Video conference

How about a video conference meeting? It is a device that brings people together with the help of technology. And at that time it gained new connotations in addition to work meetings, they also serve to catch up with family and friends . The means can be the Zoom, Google Meet, Instagram or Whatsapp applications, for example.

 Watching movies and series with the class

The idea is to watch movies and/or series together with the class.

Through the Netflix Party website, you can add an extension in your browser and get a link. This link can be shared with your friends so that they can synchronously watch the movies and/or series and still chat on the chat. The interaction tool is free, but it needs everyone to be Netflix subscribers.

Meaningful gift on a birthday in quarantine

A little gift always pleases! Even better if it is thought about with care for the person who will receive it. Better yet it has everything to do with him/her!

Prepare your surprise in advance and prefer to honor the artisans of your city, florists in your neighborhood, and take the opportunity to support small business owners in this delicate moment for many.

The surprise is physical, but you can arrange everything over the internet or Whatsapp, even if you don’t live together with the birthday boy.

Worth the party

Aren’t there “gift certificates”? In this wave of adaptations to celebrate the anniversary in the quarantine, the “vale Festa” also appeared!

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How about a party voucher for the celebration to happen only after the isolation is over? Many companies of buffets, decoration, consultancy, etc., have excellent values in this period and ask for only 50% of the anticipated value. The rest would be left for only when the party happens. So enjoy!

The birthday boy will love dreaming about his future party right now, make it happen!

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