Ideas On Decorating With Fine Rugs

There are countless ways to decorate with a fine rug. From using a rug to define or separate areas, to adding color to your space, you can find many uses for a fine rug. You can even use a rug as a wall hanging in your room to add a unique, visual effect.

Use A Rug To Define Or Separate Areas

In decorating large rooms, fine round rugs can define or separate different areas. For example, a large living room can benefit from a single large rug, while an open-concept space can benefit from several smaller rugs. These rugs will ground disparate furniture groups and create separations for the media or dining areas. Adding a fine rug to a large room can help the room look more spacious.

Whether you are decorating a large room or a small apartment, a fine rug can help to define or separate areas. A rug can create a visual path throughout a room, separating areas by color or size, and defining entryways. A rug can also add depth and warmth to a room and help layer other pieces of decor.

Use A Rug To Visually Quieten A Room

If you’re trying to visually quieten a room, a fine rug can help. Rugs absorb sound, which can help reduce echo and other annoying noises. Besides absorbing sound, rugs also help to define an area where you want to sit or relax. Thicker pile rugs are more effective in this regard than flat-weave rugs. Regarding the thickness, you can choose a rug that has the same thickness as the various sized warm blankets. 

A thick-piled Persian rug is a great sound-dampening solution. It can reduce the noise of dropped items and people walking on the floor. It absorbs loud sounds, so you won’t hear them if you’re in a loud hallway. This is especially helpful if you’re wearing high heels.

Use A Rug As A Wall Hanging

Using a fine rug as a wall hanging can make a statement without taking up a lot of space. A rug can easily be hung on a wall with push pins or command strips. Make sure to secure the top and sides of the rug to the wall. When hanging a large, heavy rug, it is important to hang it evenly, as uneven hanging will cause it to rip or warp. You also want to avoid placing it in direct sunlight, or in front of a fireplace or radiator.

It is important to choose the right rug for the job. Whether you decide to hang an oriental woolen rug or a modern, colorful rug, you’ll want to choose a piece that has sentimental value to you. A fine rug can hide cracks in walls and look beautiful when hung in the right way.

Place A Rug As A Focal Point

If you are thinking of decorating your family room, one great way to use a fine rug is as a centerpiece. This is a great way to attract attention to the room and make it more attractive for guests. Rugs are also very versatile and come in many different sizes. A large one can serve as the main focal point of a room while a smaller one can serve as an accent near the main rug. Use complementary colors to create a stunning theme.

If you are using a fine rug as a focal point, you should choose a rug that has a striking color. A bold color will make a room more lively. For example, a sunny yellow rug will make your room look brighter. The same color can work well with an earthy palette.


A fine rug can make a tremendous impact on a room. The family room is probably the most-used room in your home, so you want to make sure that you create a wonderful impression. Layering rugs is becoming an increasingly popular method of decorating.

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