How to Increase your Self-Confidence at Work?

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Having confidence in yourself and being important in many areas of life leads you to believe that you can, to ignore doubts, to get up after a fall and to fight to get what you want, but for all that to happen, you must work it. 

When we are children, it seems that Increase confidence is all around us and that there is even a little to give to others. Still, as we grow up and face different things, we can lose a little of that until we fall into something like impostor syndrome, self-sabotage, and doubts that prevent us from making decisions or taking action when we come across an opportunity.

The good thing about trust is that, since it is not a fixed ego, it can always be increased and improved, especially if you have the right tools and habits, which also help us grow personally and professionally.

In the work context, confidence helps us get ideas, work better, defend our positions and views, and launch ourselves into projects or decisions that make a difference. Some things can be very useful to achieve all of this.

Self-confidence and How to Increase it at work

1. Read, Prepare and Seek to Learn More

Bill Gates says that, although he dropped out of school, he always wanted to learn and improve, so he reads all kinds of books and the news and is always informed about what is happening and changing in the world, and that is key to growing.

This is not only useful for Gates; keeping learning and discovering new things, and preparing yourself in the area you work in, prevents you from becoming obsolete and allows you to have more and better ideas, as well as adapt to what the world and your work need at that moment.

2. Seek the Opinion of Someone you Trust

The worst critics are in our minds, where doubt, fear, insecurity, and procrastination occur. Not trusting yourself, your ideas, or your proposals is “normal,” so going to someone outside is a good idea.

3. Wear a Power Outfit

Psychology says that many external things can affect our confidence and security; our clothes are one of those things.

What happens is that when we feel comfortable, and we think we look good, we feel good and can be more productive and even more courageous. Characters like Steve Jobs used power outfits when they had to give important presentations because they knew this could be a kind of armour that helped them feel powerful.

4. Divide and Conquer 

Don’t cause a division of labour; this is more about having a goal and breaking it down into small sections you can more easily achieve and manage.

This allows you to set priorities and keep track of your progress, but it also prevents you from feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or aimless when you have too many things to do or a goal that seems too far away.

5. Surround Yourself with People who Inspire You

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates stay close to each other and have even bounced ideas off each other. This is because they both know that one way to gain confidence and security is to learn from those who have what they want.

And it doesn’t have to be someone famous or ultra-successful; it can be someone you admire at work, a friend, or even a family member who has the right teachings and is willing to share them.

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