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How to Care for Your Leisure Boat?

Once you buy that leisure boat, it will be in your care. Whether you’re already an owner or about to buy one, let this post guide you on how to care for your leisure boat.

Be a clean machine

Mold, clutter, mildew, and dirt can quickly accumulate in any leisure boat. So, cleaning your machine regularly is essential to prevent these things from thriving.

Mind the flooring Leisure Boats

Since many cockpit flooring can drain on their own, they are easier to clean. Remove any marine-grade snap-in carpet you may have. Everything will make its way beneath, including water, food crumbs, dirt, and so on. So, remove the carpet, remove any debris using a vacuum, and then wash and hang it.

You can also ditch the carpet for slip-resistant paint like Durabak Marine, which allows you to achieve the level of comfort or traction you desire.

Cleaning the flooring of your boat lengthens its lifespan and value. So always keep your boat’s floor well-maintained.

Clean and repair upholstery as needed

Another way to care for your leisure boat is to clean the upholstery. If there’s any damage, bring it for repair to keep your boat pleasing.

Properly store your boat

Storing your leisure boat properly protects it from weather-related damage like mold, water damage, and more. But whether you keep it indoors or outdoors, you must do the necessary maintenance on your boat.

Here are some ways to prepare your boat for storage:

  • Clean your boat properly.
  • Lubricate the spark plug holes.
  • Replace cracked hoses.
  • Change inline fuel filters.
  • Top off the antifreeze.
  • Keep the fridge door open.
  • Remove all carpets, food, and electronics.
  • Fill the tank to at least 90%, then mix anti-bacterial stabilizing agents into the fuel.
  • Clean the shaft and propeller, then check them for damage.
  • Disconnect the battery, then keep it in a cool, ventilated place.
  • Put some grease on the shaft.
  • Leave valves and water faucets open.
  • Open the drain plugs to let precipitation drain out.
  • Clean the engine, water tanks, and water lines with fresh water to remove the salt.

Keeping the engine clean and well-maintained is very important. As mentioned earlier, you should flush it before you store the boat, which means you must do this after every outing.

On the other hand, most modern outboards have built-in freshwater flushing systems for easier flushing. If your leisure boat doesn’t have this feature, you can use motor flushers called earmuffs.

To use these:

  1. Connect the system to a garden hose, put on the earmuffs, and turn on the water.
  2. Make sure that water flows steadily so the outboard will work before turning it over.
  3. Allow it to work for around five minutes to guarantee enough flushing.


To sum it up, maintaining your boat properly will preserve its functionality and appearance. Most importantly, it will make boating safer for you, your family, and your friends. When it’s time to sail, you don’t have to worry about everyone’s safety as your boat is well-maintained and working correctly. You’re ready to board and enjoy the day on the waters boating.

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