Holidays are Not just about the Destination

There are so many ways to enjoy time away from home. Some people spend years away, travelling from place to place. Whereas, others prefer short breaks close to home. Luckily, there is something for everyone in the world of travel.

Some travel adventures put the journey at their centre. They allow us to enjoy getting from one place to another, instead of just gritting our teeth and waiting until we arrive at our destination to begin the fun. However, other trips are focused around an event, like a sports game. Here are a few examples of trips you can take that are a bit out of the ordinary.


What could be better than leaving the stresses of modern life behind and getting out into nature? Hiking is perfect for those of us who might not want to fly to another country, but just want to appreciate the world around us.

When you go hiking, you are constantly on the move. So travelling is an integral part of the trip. You have to be prepared to walk across different terrains, in ever-changing weather conditions. But these challenges are what makes hiking such a great choice. Not only do you get to see somewhere different every day, but you’re constantly adapting to a changing environment.

Of course, you may need to take some form of transport to your hiking route. Many people enjoy combining hiking with road trips. They customise vans so that they become their accommodation and transport in one. This can be a fantastic way to travel over longer distances, while still being free to travel at your own pace.


Another excellent example of how travel can become an in-built part of your holiday is by taking a cruise. Travelling from port to port on the open sea can be a great joy. The journey itself becomes a focal point of the trip.

There are many kinds of cruises. Some are short trips on smaller ships. They hop from harbour to harbour and back home again. For example, there are wonderful cruises that travel around the Mediterranean. You can visit the ancient ports of Italy, Croatia and Montenegro, within a few nights.

If you prefer something a little different, you can cruise through the fjords of Noway. The fjords were created when glaciers retreated and carved valleys into the rocks. Cruise ships travel through them and allow you to marvel at the beauty of these natural formations. If you’re lucky, and you travel at the right time of year, you might even get to see the Northern Lights.

Travel to Sports Games

Many sports fans love to be at their favourite sporting events in person. A trip of this kind can be an excellent opportunity to not only enjoy the sporting event itself but also to make the most of the location. If, for example, you’re travelling to watch a football match at Wembley Stadium in London, you can extend your trip to do some sightseeing. Or if you’re going to Monaco for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, you can add a day on a yacht to live it up.

At go sport travel we can help you to make your sporting travel dreams a reality. We specialise in arranging all of your sports event travel needs. Our team has access to tickets for many international events. We will also organise the hotel, flights and any other requirements you might have.

Tranquil Nature Retreats

Much like hiking, a nature retreat takes you away from the pressures of modern life and brings you back to the calm of nature. There are a huge variety of retreats across the world. You can find many that specialise in activities like yoga or more general wellness. But they all follow the same basic principle, which is to bring together the mind and the body.

Most retreats are in very beautiful places, where you can unwind in calming surroundings. Whether you want to travel outside your home country or take a more local trip, there are many retreats to choose from. You can select very high-end retreats that cater to your every need, or find a simpler glamping site. Whichever you choose, the most important thing is to sit back and relax.

Why Not Start Planning Your Trip Today?

We hope that we’ve given you a few ideas about the huge variety of travel options that are available. Travelling doesn’t just have to be about sitting on a beach in the sun, although that definitely has its place!

It’s possible to use your time away to learn new things and visit places that you would never normally go to. You can keep it simple and find a camp site close to home or go and watch your favourite sport in an exotic location. So, why wait? Start planning your next trip today!

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