Great Running Tips for Beginners

Take a look at these great running tips for beginners and get ready to get fit.  

Tip #1: Choose a shoe designed specifically for running 

This tip may sound really obvious. However, it is worth noting given the wide range of athletic shoes that are available in today’s market. Just because a shoe resembles a sneaker (or looks like it is a running shoe) doesn’t necessarily mean that any shoe that has laces and a rubber sole will do the job. Technically you can wear any shoe to run in. However, running shoes have been designed to help prevent injuries and help you run more comfortably and faster. It’s time for you to upgrade if you are running right now in old gym sneakers. 

Tip #2: Make sure they fit correctly 

When purchasing running shoes this is probably the most important factor. There are several things that you need to watch for. First of all, there should be around a thumb’s width of space in between the end of the running shoe and your toe so that your toes do not hit the end of the shoe when running downhill. The toe box also has to have enough space so you can freely wiggle your toes without there being too much so that your shoes feel sloppy on your feet. The upper part of your running shoes should comfortably wrap around your feet so that your heels remain in place and your feet don’t slide. At the same time, your shoes need to not be too tight that they pinch your feet. Many shoes are available in wide, regular, and narrow, so make sure to choose the one that is best for your feet. Orthotic insoles can perfect the fit of your running shoes and add extra support where your feet need it. 

Tip #3: Visit a running shoe specialty store

Although many major brands of shoes are available in big box stores when you are looking to buy your next pair of running shoes, it is much better to go to a local running shoe store. That way you can support a local business and the people working there will have a lot of running-specific knowledge and be able to help you find the perfect pair of running shoes. 

Tip #4: Buy the right kind of shoe  

In order to buy the shoe that will best meet your needs, it is critical to consider what you will be using the shoes for. How many miles do you plan to run in the shoes? Are you going to be running on trails or on roads? Do you need shoes for races and speed work, or are you searching for everyday trainers for easy runs? It will be very helpful to have answers to these questions when you are talking to the staff at the local running store. That way they can help you narrow down to find the best shoes for you.

Tip #5: Know your stride and feet

Do your feet have high arches or are they fairly flat? Do you tend to overpronate? Do you strike your heels? If you aren’t sure, speak to the staff at the local running store to see if a gait analysis can be conducted. This will tell you which parts of your shoe will be taking the hardest beating and the places where you may need to have less or more support in order to help prevent injuries.


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