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36 Best Google Memory Games to Improve Memory and Train Your Brain

Google Memory Game

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Google Memory Game is a browser-based game that may be played on a desktop or mobile device with an internet connection. With all of its exercises, Google Memory Game is an excellent tool for improving memory. Google Memory Games are a wonderful place to start if you’re searching for a fun approach to improving your cognitive abilities and training your brain. While delivering hours of amusement, these games are meant to test and improve your memory, focus, and cognitive skills.

Not only are these games enjoyable, but they can also improve your memory, concentration, and attention to detail. With so many alternatives available on the Internet, it can be difficult to determine where to begin. Thus, we have compiled a list of the twenty finest Google Memory Games available, so you may test your memory skills while having fun.

From traditional matching games to more difficult ones, we have you covered. Prepare to exercise your brain and explore the best memory games that Google has to offer!

What is Google Memory Games? 

What is Google Memory Games

Mental exercise is necessary for maintaining a healthy mind and avoiding memory issues. We may employ a variety of memory games to improve our mental health, courtesy of technology. Google provides a selection of memory games that may be played without the installation of any software.

Parents and children can locate Google Memory Games by installing a Google Chrome extension. These games are brief and simple to play, and you can use them to enhance your memory in just a few minutes per day. Here is a list of Google’s best Memory Games.

How to Play Google Memory Game?

Google Memory Game is easy to play. You only concentration and a decent memory to properly identify the creatures based on the sequence of their noises.

As indicated previously, Google Memory Game features four marine creature characters, each of which makes a distinct sound. In each level, each of these animals will emit a unique series of sounds, and the player’s objective is to successfully reproduce the pattern.

The sequences will become increasingly complex and challenging as the level increases. In order to accomplish a particular level, you will need to maintain a high degree of concentration and strong memory.

In addition to being entertaining, Google Memory Game is a useful tool for improving memory and concentration.

The only requirement to play Google Memory Game is an internet-connected mobile device or computer.

  • Launch any web browser, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox;
  • Enter “Google Memory Game” within the Google search area;
  • The Memory Game display appears when you press Enter.
  • Press the Play icon
  • Now you can play the Google Memory Game

In addition to an internet connection, you must ensure that your device’s audio functions properly in order to play Google Memory Game.

How to Win the Google Memory Game?

You must find all pairs as quickly as possible in the Google Memory game. There is a countdown on the screen, so the faster you find all pairs, the greater your score.

On the right side of the display is a score chart. Your score will grow as you find all pairs more quickly. You can receive bonus points for finding pairs rapidly. Each level in Memory grants 2 Knowledge Points. Finishing all six levels wins you 12 points. After completing two stages, a bronze medal and five rounds of silver are awarded. A gold medal and a perfect score are awarded for completing all 10 rounds.

You can improve your score by remembering the location of each card. Moreover, you can memorize the card placement order. This will assist you in rapidly locating the desired pairs.

Best Google Memory Games

  1. Memory game
  2. NeuroNation
  3. Card Memory Match
  4. Lights
  5. Santa Tracker
  6. Sudoku
  7. Inca Memory
  8. Design Blast
  9. Earth Day Quiz
  10. Bonus – Google Minesweeper
  11. Remembery
  12. Charlotte’s Table
  13. Matching game
  14. Santa Memory
  15. Remembery – Memory game pairs
  16. Brain game. Picture Match.
  17. Memories: My Story, My Choice
  18. Memory Game For Adults
  19. Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle
  20. Concentration: Match Game
  21. Doodle Matching: Memory Game
  22. Little Memory: Game Adventure
  23. Bright Memory
  24. Picture Memory Games
  25. MEMOPLAY – Memory Game
  26. Mind games: memorize
  27. MemoryMatch
  28. Lights: A memory game
  29. Memozor
  30. Train your brain. Coordination
  31. Eureka – Brain Training
  32. Onet Puzzle – Tile Match Game
  33. Three in a row
  34. Inca memory game
  35. Memory Match Game
  36. Mem Tile

Google Memory Games  with Details

Memory Game

Memory Game asks players to memorize the keystrokes that correspond to the bot’s tone. The game is occasionally difficult and designed to challenge your memory and cognitive abilities. The game offers well-known songs with increasingly difficult musical themes as you progress.


NeuroNation is a mobile application that improves memory, focus, and thinking speed. It provides a customized training program with more than 34 exercises and 300 levels. The helps you to track your progress and is based on scientific research. It also features a community component that allows you to compare your results with those of your friends.

Card Memory Match

Card Memory Match is an additional photo memory game similar to Santa Tracker, but with more basic aesthetics and doors (or tiles, in this one). But, it is a Google Chrome plug-in, thus you must use Google Chrome in order to play it. Yet once you do, you are free to engage whenever you like. While this game floats on the Chrome plug-in bar, you can watch, read, and do other things on the web.


Lights is a Memory Game is an Android memory game app with over 15 game types, local multiplayer, up to 12 buttons, and a variety of sound options. It challenges players’ memory, reflexes, and other abilities.

The game features a variety of unlockable accomplishments and online leaderboards for competition with friends or the rest of the world. The application contains a schedule feature that will remind the user to play for a few minutes each day or week in order to improve his memory and challenge himself on a consistent basis.

Santa Tracker

Santa Tracker is a memory game in which players must recall the sequence of windows. As the player progresses through the game, the number of windows climbs to around forty. Only an online connection is required to play the game, which is advised for individuals who wish to strengthen their memory.


If you have played Knotwords, then Sudoku is the mathematical equivalent. Sudoku is a game of deduction and memorization. The objective is to ensure that every horizontal, vertical, and 3×3 square has the digits 1 through 9. Early in the game, every tile will always contain more than one possible number, and it is your responsibility to remember these possibilities and compare them to those of the other tiles. Knowing which options cannot coexist in the same line will allow you to remember the correct numbers.

We concede that it is a bit advanced for most children. But if you’re a genius and want to try it anyhow, this Sudoku Chrome extension is completely free.

Inca Memory

The game Inca Memory features 120 levels and 40 cards, and players must collect stars by flipping cards and recalling where they saw particular objects. This game takes mental agility and focus and is both entertaining and difficult.

Design Blast

Design Blast is a smartphone game in which users design and decorate residences using a matching puzzle game mechanic. Players can renovate and design a variety of houses, including living rooms, bedrooms, studios, dressing rooms, beach stages, and restaurants, in their own fashion.

Gamers earn stars that can be spent to renovate and decorate their homes by completing matching puzzles. The game also features a range of characters with unique histories and boosters that may be used to advance through the game. At bonus levels, players can also acquire coins and other rewards. The game may be played offline and is absolutely free.

Earth Day Quiz

The Environment Day Quiz is a questionnaire game that determines the player’s animal identity depending on their responses. The game may be played in a browser and is appropriate for all ages. Google predefines the replies, and there are often three to four solutions to each query. This game is a terrific way to have fun while testing your memory and searching for the best answer.

Bonus – Google Minesweeper

Minesweeper is more of a thinking game than a memory game, but it is too wonderful to leave it off this list. Google Minesweeper provides an 18×14 grid with tons of bombs concealed beneath each tile. The objective is to unlock each tile without detonating a bomb, which requires memorizing where the bombs are located. Fortunately, each open tile contains a number indicating the number of explosives surrounding it.


Remembery is a memory game app for Android devices with a variety of game modes, difficulty levels, and card packs to test and improve players’ memory, concentration, accuracy, attentiveness, and speed of thought.

The game features five game modes, twelve degrees of difficulty, and card packs with diverse themes, including humorous cats, food, fruits, flags, shapes, alphabet, music, sports, and attractions. There is a multiplayer option, leaderboards, and achievements, and the interface is intuitive and straightforward to grasp. The app is likewise tiny in size.

Charlotte’s Table

Charlotte’s Table is a smartphone game in which players create and manage their own restaurant by choosing menu items, designing the restaurant’s interior, and preparing meals to impress customers. The game has Match-3 puzzles, which players must solve to bring their restaurant to life.

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Google Memory Game With Drive

Google Memory Game With Drive

This memory game will test and improve your memory abilities. You can access Google Drive images to use as card images. This memory game will test and improve your memory abilities. Brain training consists of logic games that improve memory and focus.

By playing brain games, you not only have a great time, but also steadily enhance your memory, focus, and concentration. You can also avoid brain aging and live a long, healthy life. Using this memory game, you can help your children acquire crucial memory, focus, and thinking abilities.

You can access Google Drive images to use as card images. Choose up to 15 pictures or files from Google Drive. Supports easy, medium, difficult, and extremely difficult levels.

How do I Play Google Memory Game With Drive?

  • Create a new game. Hit the top-right gear button.
  • Flip any two photo cards face up.
  • If two cards are identical, keep them.
  • If they do not match, they should be flipped over.
  • Recall the content and location of each card.
  • After all the cards have been matched, the game ends.

Why You Should Play This Game?

Games similar to Google Memory Game provide numerous advantages for the participants. It improves your focus, memory, and concentration, to mention a few benefits. Google Memory Game asks participants to focus on particulars.

Google Memory Game relies heavily on short-term memory, and repeated play will strengthen this aspect of memory. A person’s long-term memory might be enhanced by short-term memory. Improving one’s short-term memory to improve their long-term memory will promote learning in other areas.

Tips for Playing Google Memory Game

If you’re interested in playing Google Memory Game, be sure to adhere to the following recommendations.

  • Always attempt to recall the images and where you’ve seen each one previously. This will allow you to rapidly locate the matched pairs.
  • Keep an eye out for images that are similar to one another, since this will aid in locating the images quickly.
  • If you cannot find the image while playing, proceed to the next one. Do not devote so much attention to a single square.
  • Constantly monitor the timer, as the quicker you finish, the higher your score will be.

Benefits of Playing Google Memory Games

Playing Google Memory Games is an excellent technique to enhance memory and intelligence. Not only are they entertaining, but they also provide a variety of advantages. Memory games utilize your brain in ways you may not have anticipated. They can improve your memory, cognitive abilities, focus, and perseverance. In addition to learning a new language and information, you can also practice multiplication facts and routes. In addition, playing memory games helps increase your concentration, attention span, and overall cognitive abilities. With Google Memory Games on Santa Tracker by Google, children can enjoy screen time while enhancing their intelligence and memory!


Google Memory Game is a matching game in which participants attempt to locate pairs of cards or tiles that match. The objective of the game is to develop memory and focus. In addition, it will help you enhance your critical thinking and acquire new vocabulary and information. Another advantage of the game is that it allows you to relieve tension and improve your mood.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a good score for a Google memory game?

A terrific score is between 18 and 25, a decent score is between 26 and 30, and if you scored over 30 you should try again. You may play the games, but you may not copy the game’s visuals or source code to another website unless you have obtained a license from KMG Associates.

Do memory games work?

Regrettably, it does not appear that there are any workouts that can improve them. Hence, brain games that try to boost working-memory capacity often have little effect on working-memory capacity. Instead, people develop effective techniques for playing the game in ways that do not promote broader thought.

What is the average score on the Google memory game?

In each game option, the difficulty of the challenges will increase as you progress through the game; you will have more numbers to remember and less time to view them. As of the 18th of February 2022, the average score on this exam is 10.9.

What age can play memory games?

Memory games are beneficial for youngsters as young as three when most are able to concentrate for slightly longer periods of time and take turns.

How do I start a memory game?

All cards begin the game face down, and players take turns turning over two cards. If the two cards have the same image, they are kept; otherwise, they are turned face down once more. The winner is the player with the most cards after all have been played.

Do memory games help memory?

The Advanced Cognitive Training for Independent and Vital Elderly (ACTIVE) study of persons over the age of 65 discovered that regular practice of word puzzles, memory games, and visual identification tasks improved the memory of test group participants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Another Memory Game to Play?

2048 is an excellent memory game, engaging players in a cognitive challenge that enhances memory and concentration skills. It’s a fantastic choice for those looking to boost their mental agility in a fun and interactive way.

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