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25 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Your Productivity

Best Chrome Extensions

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There are various ways in which the Internet has made life more straightforward, and millions of people worldwide have adopted web browsers that have assisted them in getting the most out of the Internet. 

One of the most popular web browsers today is Google Chrome, which became available in 2008. Chrome has, throughout time, incorporated many extensions, each providing users with a plethora of new features.

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Chrome provides its users with various extensions that can make their job more straightforward and efficient. These extensions range from those that allow users to take screenshots to those powered by artificial intelligence. The proliferation of these add-ons has transformed using Google’s browser into a highly individualized and customized user experience.

The number of Chrome extensions available right now can make it challenging for an individual to home in on the extensions they love the most. Put your concerns to rest since I’m about to show you some of the most helpful extensions available for Google Chrome.

1. Checker Plus

This may be an excellent add-on for people who want to keep their calendars close at hand, whether they are surfing the internet or performing intensive work on their computers online. You can view upcoming events with Checker Plus, receive meeting notifications and reminders, and snooze events without accessing the Google Calendar website. Checker Plus is said to be one hundred times more potent than standard calendar extensions, as stated by the people who developed this application.

2. QuillBot

QuillBot is an AI EdTech writing platform that provides over 60 million users with complimentary online writing and research tools to help them research and communicate ideas effectively. Whether emails, essays, social media posts, or blogs, the platform includes productivity-enhancing tools such as Grammar Checker, Paraphraser, Summarizer, Plagiarism Checker, Co-writer, etc. leading colleges and writing centers also use, majorly in the United States and Asia. 

The Chrome extension for QuillBot’s AI writing platform helps you write faster, smarter, and better. QuillBot is fully integrated into Chrome and Microsoft Word. You don’t need to switch windows whenever you want to rephrase a sentence, paragraph, or article.

3. Grammarly

Whether you need assistance writing a professional email or a research paper, a language tool that is easy to use can assist in several ways. Grammarly helps you enhance the quality of your written communication and your language abilities overall. By installing the extension, you will have access to a grammar check, a spell check, and even the ability to hear how words should be pronounced. The tool evaluates your sentences and highlights in different color words and phrases with room for improvement. It has evolved into an instrument that cannot be done without when checking for typos in written work.

4. LastPass

Keeping track of your passwords might be a hassle when practically every website requires you to sign up for an account first. LastPass is a password manager that can save all your passwords and provide you with safe access to them across all your devices, including mobile phones and computers.

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Users can save their passwords and login information in a safe vault and their credit card information there. The extension will immediately access that information to fill in your data. In addition, LastPass will notify users if their passwords are weak or have been repeated and will provide suggestions on how to strengthen their passwords. Your LastPass account is secured with multiple forms of authentication at all times.

5. Loom

With this add-on, recording your screen and the camera can be accomplished by clicking a single button. This application is used worldwide by individuals and organizations to take screenshots of their computers and keep in contact with one another. The creators of Loom claim that using their software makes it simple to record product demonstrations, provide feedback, or discuss one’s ideas. With Loom, users can record 720p, 1080p, 1440p, or even 4K HD quality films. Additionally, it uploads videos to the cloud in an automated fashion and provides the user with links to the videos nearly immediately.

6. Toggl Track

Setting a timer for each project can be one strategy for improving your focus when you are inundated with a string of consecutive due dates. Toggl Track lets you track how much time you spend on each task. Users can add a timer to any web tool, enabling the extension to provide real-time productivity tracking. It is one of the most effective online applications that allow users to monitor their productivity and track their time working.

7. HyperWrite

Any aspiring author will benefit much from using this instrument. The creators claim that users of HyperWrite can increase their writing speed by ten times and improve the quality of their blog posts, emails, and copy. This add-on provides ideas for words and phrases to use when finishing sentences based on the text’s context. Users can quickly write practically anything using the tool powered by artificial intelligence. While Grammarly focuses mainly on correcting sentence structure, HyperWrite is more like an insightful writing companion.


Several solutions are available now that can record films and live streams well. The days are long gone when someone had to sit still and attentively listen to an audio file to transcribe it. Users can transcribe and caption real-time virtual meetings with the assistance of, which is powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

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The application also offers a Chrome extension that enables users to save transcripts to their accounts. Up to this point, it is one of the live transcribing software that performs the best. It is accessible in English on various platforms, including but not limited to Zoom, Android, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, iOS, and Android.

9. Print Friendly & PDF

Users can conserve both paper and ink by using this program. Before printing, the program will eliminate advertisements, navigation panels, and unnecessary space. Print-Friendly enhances not only the readability of the page but also the experience of reading the content. Users can alter the pages before they are printed, allowing them to remove extraneous photos and change the text size effectively.

10. Google Translate

Obtaining translations online may be done in various ways, but using the Google Translate extension and WordPress plugin is among the easiest. Simply choose the text on the website written in a foreign language, and then click the Google Translate button next to the selection. This add-on must first be installed. It translates automatically; you don’t have to indicate the language you want it translated into.

11. Google Dictionary

Having trouble with your vocabulary? Google Dictionary is similar to Google Translate, except the words are already in English. This comes in very handy when reading technical publications that contain industry-specific jargon. If you double-click on any word on the website, Google Translate will bring up a pop-up window with a definition and an audio recording of how to pronounce the term.

12. Papier

Papier is an extension for Google Chrome that transforms the browser into a notepad that is always accessible. Simply create a new tab in Chrome that is blank whenever you need to jot down a work note for later use, jot down a list of items you need to buy at the grocery store, or jot down some random thoughts about the next novel you want to write.

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The blank tab of Papier can be transformed into a free-form notebook. Include headings, rudimentary formatting, bulleted lists, and text in your document. You don’t even need to sign up for an account to use Chrome because everything is saved for you automatically once you start using it.

13. Save to Pocket

Because Mozilla owns Pocket, a convenient tool for bookmarking websites you wish to view later, and because Pocket started as an integrated feature of Firefox, this might be a little strange. However, the Pocket extension for Chrome enables users to bookmark websites for later reading whenever they are logged in. You may view the books saved in Pocket in either Chrome or Firefox, on your personal computer, or through an app on your mobile device.

14. Bitwarden

It is 2022, and everyone should use a password manager to handle hundreds of passwords safely. Bitwarden is one of the greatest (and free) password managers, and the Bitwarden plugin for Chrome should be regarded as required software for everybody who uses the browser. It enables you to log in to websites with a single click and gives you access to protected documents on each website you visit.

15. Email Finder

Email Finder makes it simple to discover the electronic mail addresses of business contacts, as its name suggests. It can scrape email addresses from any business or search website and work with LinkedIn. At GetProspect, all contacts are routinely uploaded and kept in the cloud, where users may generate email lists and export the contacts to other services.

16. Todoist

Todoist is a well-liked organizer and list manager that allows you to synchronize your activities and chores across multiple devices, including your computer. Because the extension compiles your Todoist tasks into a drop-down menu, you won’t need to go to a different app or launch a new window to view your schedule for the upcoming day. You can also add new tasks and goals from this location and check in on other team members using Todoist simultaneously.

17. TinEye

TinEye is a tool for conducting reverse image searches. Do you want to find out where a specific image was first used or where else it is being used on the internet? You may drag any online image to the TinEye website by clicking the TinEye extension button, which will take you to the TinEye website. You can transfer an image directly from another website without downloading it first. After a while, TinEye will display all of the websites on the internet where it discovered the same image.

18. FoxClocks

Knowing what time it is in a location seven time zones away can be useful if you collaborate with people in different parts of the country or even in different parts of the world. FoxClocks enables you to compile a list of cities and places, after which it places a bar with the local time at either the top or bottom of your browser. You may also view the time in a drop-down menu by clicking the extension button located in the toolbar.

19. StoryXpress

The StoryXpress Recorder Google Chrome extension is a versatile and lightweight recording tool that allows you to record your computer screen, webcam, or both effortlessly. It also has the functionality of offline recording, allowing you to continue working even if you do not have an internet connection. This freemium solution is well-suited for remote communication with internal or external stakeholders. Because these kinds of asynchronous communication tools can prevent zoom fatigue and extended text chat threads, using a program that records your screen is particularly helpful for the remote work environment that we have right now.

20. Win the Day

Win the Day is undoubtedly one of the most cleverly titled applications ever encountered. Who wouldn’t want to “win” their day every once in a while? This extension for Google Chrome is purpose-built to remind you of and assist you in accomplishing the objectives you have set for yourself, which can be found on your browser’s homepage. You can set huge goals and “sub-goals” with “Win The Day,” which will separate the subtasks that will ladder back into the larger goal that you have set for yourself.

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You can enter up to three new habits you wish to work on within the extension and choose a period for which you want to focus individually on each of those behaviors. This extension also helps you establish new habits. The addon also comes with a “Focus Mode” that prevents you from becoming distracted from the task at hand.

21. Noisili

Do you have to contend with a noisy and chaotic workplace that is usually crowded? The background noise can be eliminated with the assistance of Noisili, which then replaces it with more relaxing sounds, such as the sound of rain or birds chirping. Research has demonstrated that listening to recordings of natural environments can truly aid increase productivity at work and even make people more productive than listening to typical white noises. Score!

22. Clockify

The time-tracking program Clockify features website, app, and extension versions similar to Grammarly. So if you want to be as productive as possible, use the Chrome extension.

Clockify is your one-stop time tracker and scheduler, ideal for any professional but valuable for freelancers and anyone working outside the traditional office environment.

Using the extension, you can create projects, task tracking, timesheets, schedules, and activity reports.

In addition to assisting you in keeping track of your working hours, Clockify’s reports let you examine a day, week, month, or longer to look for patterns in your routines.

You can tighten up any inefficiencies you find in this way.

23. Word Count Plus

Here’s a quick and simple one: Word Counter Plus, which lets you right-click on any selected text to determine how many words and characters are contained therein quickly.

The typical word length in that text is also visible. When writing, adhering to a minimum (or maximum) word count or conducting market research to ascertain the content length, Word Counter Plus is helpful.

To get the word count before extensions like this, you would have had to paste the text into a document in Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

Now, everything can be done directly on the page where it is found. To save some time, take a look at this.

24. Scribe

As a seasoned sales professional, teaching new sales professionals takes time away from lead generation, which is what matters.

One of the best Chrome extensions for creating step-by-step instructions is Scribe. To save yourself the stress of describing your company’s sales process, you must first click “record.”

You don’t need to create many documents for clients, colleagues, or workers. The scribe will instead produce the guides for you. This add-on records your keystrokes and mouse clicks as you perform a task and converts them into a step-by-step “how-to guide” with screenshots.

Notably, the scribe begins working immediately. Therefore, all of the guides you produce are ready for sharing. Additionally, you can change private data, add more notes, or even add steps.

Education, the exchange of best practices, staff training, onboarding, and remote support are all possible uses for Scribe.

25. Clean Master

The web browser stores downloaded files on your hard drive in a cache, which slows down your web browsing.

Your web browser’s Clean Master Pro extension is a potent tool that makes it simple to remove cookies, browsing history, and other data. You can enhance web browser performance and safeguard your privacy with just a few clicks. Clean Master Pro has you covered whether you want to delete old data to free up storage space or shield your personal information from being tracked.

You can quickly and easily delete your browsing history, cache, cookies, and more with Clean Master Pro. Clearing up space and decreasing the amount of data that needs to be processed safeguards your privacy and can enhance the functionality of your web browser. Clean Master Pro is simple and doesn’t call for any technical know-how or proficiency.

The next time you visit a website, the images and formatting will be freshly downloaded thanks to this Chrome extension’s clearing of the cache.


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