Google Maps Launches AI-powered Immersive View

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The Google Maps mobile application will soon have a new type of immersive view powered by artificial intelligence, according to an announcement made by Alphabet’s Google. As of right now, this feature will initially go out in only a few chosen cities.

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To refresh your memory, the technological behemoth provided a sneak peek of the feature at I/O 2022.

The immersive feature of Google Maps is powered by artificial intelligence and combines the street view with the overhead view. It generates a digital model of locations and provides multiple layers of data, including up-to-date information on things like traffic and weather, as well as information on how busy a particular area of town is. The time slider, which allows users to see what the location appears like at different times of day, was also added to the app.

Through a statement on its blog, Google has told users that the service is now live in London and San Francisco. New York City, Los Angeles, and Tokyo are the other two. On the other hand, there was no mention made of rolling it out in India at this time.

In a blog post, Google says the following: “Last year, we shared our vision for the future of Google Maps – an immersive, intuitive map that reimagines how you explore and navigate, while also helping you make more sustainable choices.” Today, we are exhibiting how artificial intelligence is bringing this vision to life, with upgrades for immersive view and Live View, as well as new capabilities for drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) and individuals who walk, cycle, or take public transportation.”

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Additionally, the business introduced its Search with Live View function, which utilizes AI for both interior and outdoor navigation purposes.

The user only needs to follow the powered arrows that are based on augmented reality to locate parks, restaurants, ATMs, and other locations of interest. The service will soon be made available in Madrid, Dublin, and Barcelona in the not-too-distant future.

“Now, we are getting ready to embark on the largest expansion of indoor Live View to date. Over the next few months, we will bring it to more than 1,000 new airports, train stations, and malls in Barcelona, Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Paris, Prague, So Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, and Taipei “said Google.

In the meantime, Alphabet Inc.’s new chatbot shared incorrect information in a promotional video, which led to the parent company of Google losing $100 billion in market value shortly thereafter. During the regular trading day, its shares dropped as much as 9%, while those of major competitor Microsoft surged roughly 3% before reducing some of their gains.

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