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Google’s AI Chatbot Bard’s First Mistake Cost $100 Billion for Alphabet Inc

Google AI Chatbot Bard's Mistake Cost

Listen to Podcast: Alphabet Inc. saw a drop of $100 billion in market value on Wednesday as a result of its new chatbot spreading false information in a promotional video and a company event failing to impress. These developments added to growing concerns that the parent company of Google is losing ground to its competitor […]

Elon Musk will Unveil Master Plan 3 for Sustainable Future on March 1

Elon Musk

Listen to Podcast: Elon Musk wrote a post on his blog more than 15 years ago in which he discussed a Master Plan (or Master Plan) that Tesla has to steer the globe toward a more environmentally friendly future. Read More: We Asked ChatGPT to Imagine a World Under Elon Musk’s Rule The businessman was […]

Google Maps Launches AI-powered Immersive View

Google Maps Launches AI-powered Immersive View

Listen to Podcast: The Google Maps mobile application will soon have a new type of immersive view powered by artificial intelligence, according to an announcement made by Alphabet’s Google. As of right now, this feature will initially go out in only a few chosen cities. Read More: Most Immersive Mobile Games to Play  To refresh […]

When will be Paper Girls Season 2 Released? [With Latest Updates]

Paper Girls Season 2

Listen to Podcast: Paper Girls has just started streaming on Amazon Prime Video, and fans are already wondering when Paper Girls Season 2 will be available. People have been asking if there will be a second season of the show based on an Image Comics comic book series. If so, when could they expect it […]

NASA to Test Nuclear Fission Spacecraft Engine for Mars Missions

NASA Test Nuclear Fission Spacecraft Engine

Listen to Podcast:   The improvement in technology has been known for a long time to be important for long-distance missions, such as a trip to Mars with people on board. NASA’s top official said that the country plans to test a spacecraft engine powered by nuclear fission by 2027.   This is seen as […]

What is Underbite? – Symptoms, Treatments with Dental Hygiene Tips


Listen to Podcast: An underbite is a dental condition in which the front lower teeth stick out farther than the front upper teeth. The goal of getting and keeping a beautiful smile is a good one. A mouth full of straight teeth is a great sign of how healthy you are in general. But if […]

The Easy Guide to Writing a Dissertation Scope and Delimitation

Order Dissertation

Listen to Podcast: When it comes to writing a good thesis, there’s one thing that all students agree upon quite amicably.  Defining the dissertation scope and delimitation is as important as selecting the topic of the thesis. It needs careful consideration and can take up hours of your time, but eventually prove highly beneficial while […]