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5 Twitter Hacks That Will Get You More Followers

get more twitter followers

Are you tired of always posting amazing content to your Twitter page, but no one ever sees it? Do you want to know what you could be doing to gain more followers and have a more successful Twitter account?

Twitter is a microblogging-style platform that allows users globally to connect. Although it is meant to just be something fun, many people have taken it a step further and want to become Twitter famous by seeing how many followers they can get.

Others want to gain more followers for business purposes, which is made easy when using a growth service like Twesocial since it is designed to help users organically generate Twitter followers, which is another reason why the platform has become so popular. Whatever the reasons are for you to want to gain more followers, there is one thing that will stay constant; gaining followers is difficult, especially if you are new to the platform. If you need some help growing your account, here are 5 Twitter hacks to help you get more followers.

Choose the best profile and wall images

The very first thing you need to do when creating your Twitter account makes your profile. When trying to find success on the platform and gain more followers, you need to make sure that your profile is fully optimized and looks good. People will be more likely to follow an account that looks fully established, and this means making your profile look good.

Starting off, the very first step you need to take is to choose a username. This should be simple and easy to remember as this is how people will search for you. If your name is too complicated then people will be less likely to remember your account. Next up is your profile photo. This should be something that goes along with the theme and tone of your account. It should be easy to see in the small icon too as this is how people will recognize your account.

Moving on to the bio, this should be fully optimized. Here you should make use of all of the links you can include such as websites and locations if you are a business. Here you can also say a little about what your account is about and a bit about yourself. 

Turn words into images

Although Twitter was initially made to be a microblogging style platform where you could post worded tweets, over the years the developers have discovered that visuals strike much harder than words ever will. This is why they have now introduced the ability to post visuals such as images, videos, and gifs.

When tweeting, you are limited to the number of characters that you can use within a tweet, however, this means that you could make use of visuals to beat this system. People tend to be far more attracted to visuals content and research shows that tweets containing visuals typically receive much more engagement.

Find your best timing

Timing is so important when it comes to Twitter. Twitter is a massive platform with over 300 million active monthly users and even more tweets every day. It is incredibly easy for your content to get lost in the sea of other content and this means that timing is crucial.

When it comes to posting, you should be posting every day at the same time. The time you choose should be a time when you know your audience will be most active. This means that they will be more likely to see your content.

Post whenever possible

Continuing from the previous post, you should be posting as often as possible. As mentioned previously, there are millions of tweets posted daily, and it is so easy for your tweet to drown among the others. Typically, the lifespan of a tweet is around 12 minutes. This means that you can post multiple times a day without coming across as overbearing or annoying to your audience.

By posting more often, it is also more likely that people will come across your account, and in turn, your account will grow.

Use videos to grow your audience

Last but not least, we have videos. Earlier it was mentioned that visuals will capture an audiences’ attention a lot more easily than that of a worded tweet, which helps to gain followers exponentially. This includes videos. Videos are a great way for your audience to get a different experience and even see more about your account on a different level.

These videos can be personal or just general, but the point is that by posting visuals, you will gain much more attention.

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