4 Critical Things to Know About Your Furnace Filter

If your furnace keeps you warm in the winter and does its job well, you probably don’t give it much thought. It’s crucial to regularly replace your furnace filter to maintain its functioning and prevent damage or malfunctions that may occur if you don’t do that frequently enough. Below are some critical things about your furnace filter to understand why maintenance is essential.

What is the Role of a Furnace Filter?

Contrary to popular belief, a furnace filter’s primary function is not air purification. Furnace filters primarily shield the blower fan from debris such as hair, dust, and other particles that return air ducts draw in. By keeping particulates from being cycled again, this procedure does, nevertheless, improve the quality of the indoor air. Nobody wants that to happen, but failing to replace your furnace filter when it gets dirty or clogged may reduce airflow in your home and even seriously harm your furnace.

Sizes of Filters

You must use the right filter size for your furnace out of the many available sizes. The dimensions of furnace filters are thickness (depth), height, and length. The most popular thickness is 1″, with 4″ also a typical option for bigger systems. Combinations of height and length range from 10″x10″ to 30″x30″. The sizes 25″x 25″, 20″x 25″, 16″x 25″, 16″x 20″, and  14″x 25″ are the most popular. You can determine the ideal furnace filter size by model number.

Furnace Filter Varieties

The disposable pleated type of furnace filter is the most popular, and these come in several standard sizes and classifications. Pleated filters are made of paper and polyester, effectively removing most home allergens and particulates. 

The least expensive furnace filter on the market is a disposable fiberglass filter. However, these filters aren’t the best. They frequently have a blue tint and resemble a spider web. Although they exist in various conventional sizes, they are typically less durable and have lower ratings than pleated filters.

Permanent reusable filters have a solid metal or plastic frame and are washable filters. Because you don’t have to purchase replacement filters, these filters can help you save money, but they must be cleaned out as frequently as you would need to replace a disposable one. 

Is it Time to Change My Furnace Filter?

Yes, when it gets dirty, it is a short response. The challenge is that each person has a unique system. People frequently rely on a haphazard “when it feels right” strategy. We advise testing your filter once a month until you determine how long it will last before changing it. Hold it up to the light after taking it out. 

If you can still spot a lot of light through it, reinstall it and recheck it in a month. If not, replace it with a new filter. This way, you will eventually discover how frequently you should change the furnace filter. While some individuals must update theirs each month, others do not have to. It’s a good idea to remember to change the air filter in your system at the start of each season.

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