The Ultimate Guide to Finding The Best Neon Lamp for Your Space

All over the world, there are millions of lighting options to choose from and for various purposes. Deciding which light source is excellent for your use might be quite tasking. A great idea, however, is to have a basis of light that best suit all your needs and can perfectly fit into any space; you can also use a custom design that best expresses your personality.

What is a custom neon lamp? 

Neon lamps come in various types and shapes for functional and aesthetic purposes. While ready-made neon light sources are great and practical, if you have a particular design in mind, you should get a custom neon lamp to accommodate your desire. You can choose your preferred style, size, design, and color with a custom lamp.

Neon Lamp tubes are great for indoor and outdoor uses with their energy-efficient and long-lasting feature. You can also get creative with the lamp tubes by placing them upright or at a certain angle to improve the look and feel of your space.

While this custom light source is an excellent choice for use in bedrooms, gaming spaces, studios, bars, and events, you must consider several factors before purchasing a Custom Neon Lamp.  

Tips for choosing the Right Neon Lamp


The purpose for which you need a neon lamp is best identified before making a purchase; this will help you pick the best neon light source. Is it waterproof? This feature is essential if it is for outdoor functions. Does it come with a frame stand? This feature is also crucial for outdoor use.

Must fit the room’s design

Neon Lamps are made in various colors, shapes, and designs. It would be a great idea to consider your space’s décor before choosing a lamp. For your space to look as good as you want it to with the neon light, you cannot just go with any lamp you see. Ensure the colors, shape, size, and design match your room’s layout.

Position in the space

Another vital factor to be noted when choosing a neon lamp is where you will place it. If you want to improve your room’s ambiance and make it look great, you cannot casually place your neon lamp in any location in your space; pick an area you’re sure would be great—choose a lamp that fits that space.


People make the mistake of buying lamps on impulse without considering if they fit in the space they have provided for them. You might be lucky enough to have it replaced with the right one later on, but what if you are not? Hence, before closing the deal on a lamp, be sure it is a perfect fit for your space.


Neon signs are the new big thing; they are versatile and also functional. You can improve the look of your home space by opting for a custom-made neon lamp. However, size, color, and purpose are factors to bear in mind before making your decision.



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