Events for the Family to Celebrate This Year

Throughout the year there are always various events that provide the opportunity to celebrate with your family. With many events and celebrations canceled over the last two years, many families will be looking to really make the most out of the improved situation this year and there are many opportunities to celebrate over the rest of the year.

Events to Celebrate

So, what are a few events to put in your diary? Mother’s Day (March 27th), Easter (April 17th), Father’s Day (June 19th), Halloween (October 31), and Guy Fawkes Night (November 5th) are just a few events to look forward to over the course of the year. There are a number of events that have plenty of traditions, which can be good fun to take part in with the family.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show your mum how much you care. In the UK, Mothering Sunday is on the fourth Sunday of Lent and was celebrated by house servants being allowed to return home to spend the day with their mothers. These days, Mother’s Day is celebrated by spoiling mothers and spending quality time. This could include making them breakfast in bed, giving them presents and a bouquet of flowers.


Easter is a holiday that is filled with tradition and it is a special time of the year, especially with the weather improving. A few of the best traditions for Easter include Easter egg hunts, eggshell paint, and eating hot cross buns. Of course, for Easter, you will want to make sure that you have lots of chocolate Easter eggs for everyone to enjoy over the course of the weekend.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is all about honoring fatherhood and paternal bonds and the holiday is celebrated on different dates around the world. In the UK, Father’s Day is the third Sunday of June but only became popular after WW2. Much like Mother’s Day, the best way to celebrate is with quality time and showing your love for your father. This could involve taking them out for lunch, going out for a family walk to enjoy the summer weather, and giving them gifts.

These are just a few of the best ways to celebrate a few of the main events happening over the course of the year. In 2022, it is particularly important to make an effort with these events and hopefully, this post will help you to really make the most out of these holidays with your family.


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