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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Editorialge Celebrating its 3rd Birth Anniversary

Editorialge is celebrating its 3rd founding anniversary today (October 30) with its slogan “Source of Impressive Creation”.

Our guests and colleagues joined the colorful program began at the Green House Restaurant and Convention Centre in Dhaka’s Elephant Road this afternoon.

On the occasion of Editorialge’s 3rd birthday, the grand celebration began at 2pm and it will continue till 6pm.

At the beginning of the event, Editorialge greeted the honorable viewers, readers, advertisers, well-wishers, and people from all walks of life. We are very thankful to all the people who have extended their continuous support in this journey. We express our gratitude to them for their inspiration and encouragement.

The celebration started with cutting of a birthday cake. Also, there were arrangements of lunch at noon and snacks in the afternoon.

Many corporate personalities, academics, journalists, and development workers graced the ceremony.

Editorialge Birthday Cake

How Did Editorialge Start its Journey?

Today is 30th October 2022. On the same day three years ago, Editorialge started its journey as an English language-based website. Editorialge was like a baby who learns to crawl and gradually becomes full of ideas one day. But at present, the Editorialge is on the path of enlightening people.

Editorialge is now experiencing the success that they had hoped for. With the slogan — Source of Impressive Creation – Editorialge inspires to develop its own ethical strategy and standpoint. Wish the online portal continued success! 

The Editorialge was founded by Sukanta Kundu Parthib on 30 October 2019. It has come a long way from its humble beginning in Bangladesh, Singapore, and the Indian Sub-continent.

Sukanta Kundu CEO of Editorialge

It was difficult for Sukanta Kundu, CEO, and Editor in Chief, to put the amazing dream into achievement when the journey began. From the very beginning, Editorialge has been trying to present resourceful content on entertainment, tech, health, sports, travel, and current issues with authentic sources. Our team works vigorously and always tries to provide the truth objectively and accurately.

During its three-year journey, it has crossed the borders of the country and become very popular among the readers abroad. Stay tuned!

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