Dhaka World’s Noisiest City: UN Report

Bangladesh’s capital is followed by India’s Moradabad and Pakistan’s Islamabad, according to the research.

According to the World Health Organization’s guidelines, the permitted noise level limitations for outdoor residential areas are 55 dB (decibels) and 70 dB (decibels) for commercial areas and places with traffic, according to the article.

The noise levels in Dhaka were determined to be 119 decibels, Rajshahi 103 decibels, and Tangail 75 decibels.

Tangail and Rajshahi are two more Bangladeshi cities on the list. The two cities were ranked 12 and 4 on the list, respectively.

There are several cities from South Asian countries on the list as well.

Ansarsol, Kolkata, Delhi, and Jaipur, all Indian cities, were ranked 5, 6, 9, and 10th on the list, respectively.

Karachi came in at number eight, with Nepal’s Kupondole coming in at number five and Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo, coming in at number nine.

According to the paper, “exposure to ambient noise sources such as road traffic, air traffic, trains, machinery, industry, and recreational activities has well-documented deleterious effects on physical and mental well-being.”


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