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Elon Musk Giving ‘Serious Thought’ to Build a New Social Media

Elon Musk

Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk said he is “seriously considering” creating a new social media platform, a day after he asked Twitter users if they believe the platform adheres to the principle of free expression. Musk was responding to a Twitter user who asked whether the billionaire would consider creating a new social media platform […]

Girl Victims of Pornography in Bangladesh

Child Pornography

According to the National Girl Child Advocacy Forum’s research report, 52 girl children were victims of pornography in 2021. Nasima Akhter Joly, the Forum’s secretary, presented the report at the National Press Club on Sunday. Between August 2020 and November 2021, 2,868 girls were victims of underage marriage, according to the report. Last year, 242 […]

Dhaka World’s Noisiest City: UN Report

Sound pollution

Bangladesh’s capital is followed by India’s Moradabad and Pakistan’s Islamabad, according to the research. According to the World Health Organization’s guidelines, the permitted noise level limitations for outdoor residential areas are 55 dB (decibels) and 70 dB (decibels) for commercial areas and places with traffic, according to the article. The noise levels in Dhaka were […]

How To Play Slots Online In Ontario?

How To Play Slots Online In Ontario

As the upcoming April 4 launch date of regulated online gaming in Ontario draws nearer, the excitement amongst gamblers across the province is rapidly increasing. The prospect of having access to legal and reliable betting options is being greeted with unbridled enthusiasm, as casino goers and sports bettors alike have gone far too long without […]

Cryptocurrency Assets Sold at A Profit Will be Subject to A 30% Tax from April 1

Investing Cryptocurrency

Beginning April 1, cryptocurrency gains will be taxed at 30%. It’s the highest tax bracket, with a rate that’s the same as lottery winnings. From Bitcoin to non-fungible tokens, this would apply to all virtual digital assets (VDA) and their earnings (NFTs). For example, if an investor buys a cryptocurrency for $10,000 and sells it […]