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Ladies Upgrade Your Style Game with These Cool Ring Designs!

Women and fine jewelry are synonymous with each other. Their love for glittering baubles has only increased with every passing year. Of all the jewelry pieces, rings have always been the most favorite. Each ring worn has a unique story to tell and has sentimental values attached to it. Another reason for rings to be popular among young and old is for the sheer fact that they can transform an outfit from dull to dashing! If you are bored with the traditional ring designs, then here are some ring designs for girls that are unique, trending, and look gorgeous on a women’s finger. 

1. Midi Rings:

Just like a midi dress, midi rings also stop mid-way on the finger! The best part of these rings is that they look uber chic and you can easily layer them without looking overdone. You can choose to stack rings made out of different metals or even dainty bands studded with multicolored gemstones that look nothing less than gorgeous. You can wear them to work, office parties, or even casual outings with ease. If you are feeling adventurous, you can pick midi rings of different patterns and wear them on all five fingers! Midi rings are also called mid-ring or memory rings and creating a fashion sensation.

2. Knuckle Rings:

If you haven’t tried this design yet, then it’s time that you get your hands on this model. Popular during Renaissance, this trend is finding its way back into the fashion scene. A typical knuckle ring has an elongated structure that covers the knuckles too. Designs with intricate meshwork make them highly desirable. If you are unsure where to shop for these models, you can try trusted online jewelry sites, they have a plethora of options in rings and you can even find new designs of gold bangles too.

3. Cocktail Rings:

One look at this oversized ring model, and you will fall head over heels in love with it. Cocktail rings have been a part of the jewelry scene for times unknown, and they have evolved with time. The oversized centerpiece in gorgeous gemstones is a rage and it alone is enough to illuminate your entire look. These draw the attention of people easily and make you feel every bit like a queen.

4. Connecting Rings:

As the name suggests, connecting rings, have two rings that are supposed to be worn on different fingers, preferably the ring and the index finger, and these rings are connected with a dainty chain. These rings add the right style element to make you look all dolled up for an occasion. With these on your fingers, you don’t need any other hand jewelry to beautify your look.

5. Double and Triple Finger Ring:

While you thought that it couldn’t get any quirkier than the above designs, then let us introduce you to the double and triple finger ring design. Geometrical shapes, floral motifs, curvy ones, the designs will make you go weak in your knees.

We hope you are thrilled about adding these above designs to your finger ring collection, so don’t wait and get going with your shopping!

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