Need For Content Moderation On Website

Planning to open up a website for your brand? If yes, then here is a hack that will make your brand more visible on google. It is the user-generated content on the website. Well, it is also a challenge because the user-generated content must be in favor of your brand. This is where the content moderation services come to play. So, here is a guide that will tell you about the need for content moderation on the website.

Content Moderation services find their best use on dating sites, social media sites, online marketplaces, and more. Basically, the sites that depend largely on user-generated content rely on these services. The content moderation goes through all the content being posted on the website and moderate dating site content that it finds offensive to other users.

If you are new to the term then this guide will tell you about what exactly is content moderation? How many types of content moderations are available and what is the need for content moderation services? So, let’s not waste much time and start with the post.

What Is Content Moderation?

Content Moderation services are online platforms that provide screening services to websites that rely heavily on user-generated content.

Let us put it in simple words when content is posted on the website, the content moderation service goes through the content according to the terms and conditions of the website. These services make sure that the content on the website matches the terms and conditions of the brand, is not illegal, or does not harass somebody.

Content moderation can be differentiated into three types. These are,

  • Human Moderation
  • Automated Moderation
  • AI Moderation

What Is Human Moderation?

Human moderation is also called Manual moderation. As the name itself suggests it is the moderation that is done manually.

Humans sit and manually monitor the content being posted on the website. These especially hired professionals go through every single content that is being posted on the site. They check if the post by the user is in accordance with the guidelines of the website.

Human moderation is further categorized into two parts. These are

  1. Manual Pre Moderation: This is the content moderation done before the content is posted on the site.
  2. Manual Post Moderation: Post Moderation as the name says is totally the opposite of pre-human moderation. This content moderation is done after the content is posted. An example of post moderation is when a post hurts the sentiment of a certain individual or community and they report it. This is the time when the post is again moderated manually.

What Is Automated Moderation?

The Automated content moderation accepts, refuses, or sends the content for manual moderation depending upon the terms and conditions of the website. If the content post is in accordance with the guidelines it will be posted instantly. If the content posted violates the rules and regulations then it will be rejected or if the Automated moderation is not able to figure out the type of content or it finds something fishy then it will send it for human moderation.

Automated Moderation is more preferred content moderation than Human Moderation. It is because it instantly reacts to the post by the user. According to the study by Microsoft, a user is only patient for the eight-second after he posts something. So, pre-human moderation won’t be a good idea in that case.

What Is AI Moderation?

AI is the Artificial Intelligence moderation. This content moderation uses the machine learning model and is highly accurate with the moderation process. The AI moderation technique is improving day by day.

Need For Content Moderation On Website

Now that you are well aware of Content moderation and its types let us move to the need for content moderation services on the website.

1. Protects Your Brand And Users

The content moderation service will not let any of the users post anything that is against your brand. Moreover, it also keeps in mind that the content posted on the website does not hurt the sentiments of the other users.

2. Understands Your Customers And Users

There are image moderation services that also provide you with opinions on how you can improve the customer services on your website. These moderation services notice the type of user-generated content being posted on your website and present you with a report on the improvement techniques.

3. Improve Online Visibility

As we said at the beginning of the article Content Moderation helps you in increasing your visibility on google. According to stats, 25 percent of the traffic on User-generated content websites is through the content links that users have posted.

So, you need to make sure that the content posted should not hamper your brand’s image.

4. Helps In Scaling Campaigns

If you are planning for the sales and marketing campaigns then one thing you require is the user-generated content in bulk. If this is the scenario, you don’t need to worry about the content being posted if you have the Content Moderation service.

If you allow the users to post video content on your website then going through the content yourself won’t be a good idea. So, hiring a content moderation service will be the best option.

5. Improves The Buying Process

This is the era of digitalization. Now, users do not believe in print or television ads. Do you know what is the more reliable source? It is the customer reviews. So, positive reviews will obviously attract valuable buyers.

Wrapping Up

We hope now you are clear with what is Content Moderation and why it is necessary to have it on the website. Having a content moderation team to look after the user-generated content reduces a lot of stress. Plus, having an in-house content moderation section adds a lot of extra investment to the project. So, we recommend that you contact these services.

If you find this article interesting and informative then do share it with your friends. Also, if you have got any doubts or queries in your head feel free to ask us in the comments section below.


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