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Cheapest Cities in Poland to Live


A compact city with equal amounts of charm and cool, Katowice is a good option for a leftfield, off-the-beaten-track city base for a digital nomad. Katowice is the cheapest cities in Poland to live.

Monthly Cost Of Living In Katowice: 4,427 Poland złoty/ month
Cost Of Rent In Katowice: 935 Poland złoty/month

2. Rzeszów

A compact city that’s a pleasant place to live, the best place to base yourself in Rzeszów would be around the city centre, close to somewhere like the Market Square. This is close to all the sights as well as beer gardens and the nightlife, but it’s far from the rowdiness of Krakow.

Monthly Cost Of Living In Rzeszów: 5,310 Poland złoty/ month
Cost Of Rent In Rzeszów: 1,173 Poland złoty/month

3. Szczecin

When it comes to finding a place to live, the old town, the north area of Downtown, and Gumience all offer a high standard of living and are safe, beautiful areas to base yourself. All the amenities you could ask for are in walking distance.

Monthly Cost Of Living In Szczecin: 4,166 Poland złoty/ month
Cost Of Rent In Szczecin: 1,375 Poland złoty/month

4. Łódź

The third largest city in Poland, Łódź was once one of the largest and multicultural industrial centres in Central Europe. Once busy with fabric manufacturers, workers and merchants.

Monthly Cost Of Living In Łódź: 4,094 Poland złoty/ month
Cost Of Rent In Łódź: 1,450 Poland złoty/month

5. Toruń

Toruń is in the centre of Poland, Toruń is a stunner. With all its medieval magnificence, beautiful brick buildings, pleasant, walkable streets, alot of history and even a Museum of Gingerbread to show off its 1,000-year tradition of creating the town’s famous gingerbread, there’s a lot to fall in love with in Toruń.

Monthly Cost Of Living In Toruń: 4,550 Poland złoty/ month
Cost Of Rent In Toruń: 1,543 Poland złoty/month

6. Lublin

This city is Three hours by train from Warsaw, Lublin is often missed out on the Poland tourist trail – and that’s a good thing for you. Lublin’s old town is up there with the beauty of Kraków and Poznań.

When it comes to choosing a neighbourhood to live in Lublin, go for the Miasteczko Akademickie, which is the area around the city’s medical university. It’s safe, quiet and affordable to live in.

Monthly Cost Of Living In Lublin: 3,450 Poland złoty/ month
Cost Of Rent In Lublin: $1,570 Poland złoty/month

7. Poznań :

Poznań has definitely become a super cool place to be if you’re a digital nomad. It’s not like staying in a big city, but it’s also not like staying in a small town; it’s somewhere in between. That means this spot strikes the perfect balance of relaxed and fun.

Monthly Cost Of Living In Poznań: 4,550 Poland złoty/ month
Cost Of Rent In Poznań: $1, 838 Poland złoty/month

8. Gdańsk :

If you wish to live in Gdańsk, opt for a place in the modern waterfront area of town; the Maria CKA district is all about waterside living close to sights and plenty of amenities. Granary Island, located across from the main town, is a good option for budget accommodation if you’re planning a long stay.

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