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5 Surprisingly Cheap Packaging Ideas for Startups

A product’s packaging is integral to your brand’s recognition and identity. To succeed in an increasingly crowded market, you need creative packaging ideas. Today, we will help you stand out from your competition in an affordable way.

Our small business packaging ideas will create an unforgettable shopping experience for your customers. Just make sure to select the idea that best represents your brand.

Five Inexpensive Packaging Ideas

Below are five affordable packaging ideas for new ventures with relatively small budgets.

1. Die-Cut Box in Standard Form

The most common method of packaging items is using a standard box with a die-cut lid. It is not only an exceptional idea for packaging but also relatively inexpensive. You can make a box of paper or cardboard in several sizes and shapes.

Standard boxes with die cuts are becoming the most popular choice for shipping packages worldwide because you can employ them in various ways.

You need to try something new to stand out from the packaging competition. To achieve this, you will need to experiment with various materials, designs, and coloring methods. By doing so, you can create unique boxes that your customers would love to get their hands on.

2. Custom Sleeve Boxes

Utilizing sleeves in your boxes allows you to present your products uniquely. The best thing is you can individualize it as per your needs and budget, making it a practical packaging solution for your brand. It is also an ideal packaging option if you want to contribute to conserving the environment. 

There is no constraint on the materials you can use for the sleeve box. The biodegradable and fully recyclable materials will result in a lower cost and a better reputation for your business. Use a drawer or slider sleeve to make your product prominent.

3. Utilizing Shrink Wraps

Shrink wrap, also called shrink film, is typically the most cost-effective and reliable solution for packaging.

Several brands have ditched corrugated packaging using shrink film’s strength and durability. There is no need for corrugated trays when wrapping heavy products in shrink. Shrink-wrap films are the way to go if you sell bottles, cups, or glass requiring extra protection and care. Despite their thinness, they can withstand moisture, dirt, and shock to a certain extent.

By using shrink wraps, you are protecting the product and lowering packaging costs. Get an industrial shrink wrap machine that meets your product requirements.

4. Custom Made Stickers

Custom stickers can easily personalize your packaging at a very reasonable cost. The good thing about this is that you can adorn all types of packaging with stickers, such as boxes, envelopes, product inserts, bags, and shipping labels.

Add stickers to the package, allowing customers to stick them on their water bottles, laptops, and other items. Your package will work smartly by incorporating a QR code on your sticker. Customers will come directly to you next time without making any extra effort.

5. Foil Stamping

With the advancement of technology, foil stamping has become more affordable than it was in the past. Several brands now offer hot stamping that allows for various customization options.

Use a vintage-style packaging box to increase the value of your product. By foil stamping your packaging, you can make it stand out from the rest and enhances its appearance.


Creating unique product packaging is essential to make your products stand out. The trick is to ponder artistically and outside the box.

We have presented you with five simple ideas to incorporate into your marketing and packaging strategies. These ideas will enhance the look and feel of your products and do not cost much.

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