Buying Something Special for a Loved One, The Complete Guide

When the time comes that you might want to buy something special gift for a loved one, take a little time to think things through. There are stores out there that have made a huge amount of cash from people not giving gifts a little thought, but when you use your brain, you can get something special that a loved one will really appreciate.

In this article, we’re going to run you through the best tips and tricks we’ve got when it comes to buying something special for a loved one – let’s get started!

Consider Their Interests

By far and away, considering their interests is the best way that you can be sure someone will adore the gifts that you might get them. You could easily pick up something general and simple, but by considering their hobbies, interests, and the ways they like to spend their spare time, you can easily find great things to get them.

The thing that makes this a great starting point is the fact that we all have the sum total of human knowledge at our fingertips – Google is a powerful thing! Let’s say, for example, that your loved one really adores knitting. They spend a lot of their time clicking needles together, and you’ve got a few handmade jumpers that you love.

Your first thought may be to get some yarn or some needles for them, though you’ll likely realise that those are fairly straightforward ideas – they likely already have those things, or they wouldn’t be knitting at all.

By googling something as simple as ‘knitting gift ideas’, you can find lists on lists of great ideas for the knitter in your life. You could buy them a small yarn bowl, designed to hold the yarn while they work, or perhaps a novelty mug decorated with colourful balls of wool.

Considering your loved one’s interests is a great jumping-off point to be sure you’ll get the perfect gift for them.

Sweet Hampers

Sweet hampers are a wonderful choice for anyone in your life when you’re considering gift giving. The reason that they’re such a wonderful, and delightful, gift is really very simple: they’re consumable.

Consumable gifts always go down a storm, because there’s a gentle pressure to get to the gift itself and use it up before it spoils. This goes for food presents, but also for gifts like candles, or soap sets. The gifts are typically pretty, simple, and can be personalised more than you might think.

One barrier of entry for a sweet hamper could be not quite knowing the palette that someone you’re buying for has. Well, there’s a simple solution to that, and it goes back to our first point – know your giftee’s interests. If you pay a little attention to snacks that they tend to go for, you’ll be able to anticipate whether they’d prefer a sweet hamper that’s a little more fruit-oriented, or a little more sour-oriented, for example.

An Experience

Creating or purchasing an experience for a loved one is a great way to give them a gift that, while it will only last for a short time, in reality, will last for a long time in their minds. The reason for this is that there are a range of gift experiences out there that you can easily pick and choose from to create a gift that’s ideal for the person you’re buying for.

A great example of this is that all gift experiences can generally be divided into two camps – things that you’re expected to actively participate in, and things that you’re expected to sit and enjoy.

In the first camp are things like racing and driving experiences. On those days, you may be asked to take a close look at a range of supercars, and drive them around a race track, getting a feel for the cars and getting to sit in something wonderful. For some people, this is something of a dream come true – consider whether your giftee might daydream about supercars while they’re in the office.

In the second camp are things like massages or hot air balloon rides. These experiences are ideal for elegant and simple events that you would never buy for yourself. The reason that these gift experiences make such great gifts is that you are able to provide a memorable experience that someone will appreciate all the more since they know you had them in mind when you bought them. It’s a wonderful option, and we’d strongly recommend it.

Chocolate Hampers

Chocolate hampers are a great option for almost anyone out there – there are so few people in the world that dislike chocolate. Chocolate hampers are a great option for chocolate lovers since they provide a wide range of delicate and beautiful pieces that are presented together in a visually appealing way.

That may sound a little obvious, but the reason that’s impressive is that so often, a chocolate lover may feel a little more inclined to opt for grocery store chocolate or something equally easy to get access to. While this is tasty and enjoyable in its own way, it’s also much less special than a great hamper.

A hamper can easily elevate the entire event of eating chocolate since each piece of chocolate can be beautifully handmade and finished in order to create a bespoke basket for each customer.

When you’re considering different chocolate hampers, we would recommend looking for an option that’s got a lot of choices up for grabs, especially if you’re not that familiar with the giftee’s tastes.

The reason for this is that when a chocolate hamper, or any edible gift, has a range of different flavors up for grabs, it makes the recipient a little more appreciative of each new flavor. At the end of the day, the fiftieth bite of milk chocolate will taste the same as the first. Each new flavor in a mixed basket, however, will create a new memory and experience for the recipient. This results in a gift that feels substantially more special than a really simple one.

DIY Celebration Events

Creating your own DIY celebration events might sound like something of a challenge, but we assure you that it’s not as tricky as you might think. Instead, it’s actually fairly simple. A great option is to take an event that you do a lot in the day-to-day, and make it a little more unique and special.

A great example of this could be watching a movie, or binging a new TV show. Find a new show or movie that you believe your loved one will enjoy, before making the watching space a little special. You could hang some fairy lights, buy a soft blanket, and get their favorite snacks for the ideal experience. We would also suggest making an impromptu ‘phone jail’ – a plastic takeout tub will suffice. Sitting with your loved one without the influence of phones makes for a more enjoyable evening – you can spend time with one another much more easily, and allow one another to enjoy both the content that you’re viewing and one another’s company much more easily.

Buying something special for a loved one shouldn’t be a chore. Instead, it should be something sweet, to be adored and appreciated by both of you. It may involve you being busy, but that final moment of handing your gift over can be delightfully sweet, too.

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