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The Perfect Outfit for Your Body Shape

Everyone wants to feel confident in their clothing, but it can be difficult when you don’t know what style will suit your body shape. Read on to learn what shapes are most common and how they should be styled.


The perfect outfit:  

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For a pear-shaped woman, try wearing skirts or dresses with an empire waistline (a high waistline that sits right below your bust). These styles help balance out the top and bottom of this silhouette. A great way to show off those long legs is by sporting some high-waisted jeans or pants with a blazer over top. This look elongates the torso and creates curves at all points on your body.

Jackets can make or break an outfit. The right one will be that touch of polish you’ve been seeking, but the wrong one will overwhelm your look. Here are some guidelines for choosing a jacket for any body type:

Body Type One: Pear Shape

Your hips are larger than your bust and waist. To create proportion, wear jackets with details at the waist like pleating, belting, or braid trim. Details on the hip area, such as large patch pockets or flap pockets flatter your shape too. Avoid jackets that end just below the natural waistline because they’ll add bulk where you don’t need it! Instead, choose jackets that finish at your widest point (usually around the hip area).

Smaller bust + narrow shoulders + smaller waist + larger hips = pear shape

Body Type Two: Inverted Triangle

You have a large bust and slimmer hip. To balance your shape, wear jackets with wide collars and lapels to draw focus upwards. Belted details at the waist also offer a flattering solution for this body type. Alternatively, a single-button blazer with a peplum detail on the hip will do the trick!

Body Type Three: Rectangle

You’re pretty evenly proportioned from top to bottom. An A-line skirt worn with an open neckline like a cowl or boat neck offers an hourglass figure for your body type as it draws attention downwards. Narrowing details such as side vents and welt pockets prevent any unnecessary volume at the waist.

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Body Type Four: Apple

If you have an apple shape, your weight is concentrated around the mid-section. To create balance, wear jackets with embellishments on the chest area while avoiding lapels and pockets that add emphasis to this part of your body.

Body Type Five: Hourglass

You have a large bust, smaller waist, and wider hips. Details at the waist like peplums will create an illusion of an hourglass figure for your shape by contrasting your small bust with larger hips. Jackets with single-button detail are best worn buttoned up because it’ll improve definition in this area. A vent on either side of the jacket will also create a flattering fit.

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