6 Best Web Design Tips for Small Business

Do you have a small company and want to enhance your online brand? The website is key nowadays.

A website is your virtual store. The experience in the physical store must be as great as in the virtual one. And, if you do not have a physical location, more than ever you must give a good image on the Internet. A professional web design company will provide you with a successful website which not only has attractive design but also has excellent content.

It should be designed to provide a good user experience while allowing users to understand the overall theme of the site at a glance.

  1. Responsive mobile

Google for years has penalized websites that are not suitable for mobile devices, so yes or yes it must be suitable for mobile phones.

Today’s society is hooked on mobile devices. When the user browses your website on a mobile phone, they expect to see the content exactly as they would on a computer or laptop.

But this requires a better UX design for the user. Therefore, responsive design is a necessary element for every website.

  1. Highlight the main content of your website

The first part of the page should contain the main content; is the objective, benefits, and the call to action.

You already know that users can use different keywords to reach your website, so you must highlight the main product and the content of your website. Make sure the user recognizes what they have to do on your website at a glance.

Some important tips would be to bold the text of the product information and display the product image to attract users. These are also the best SEO practices to rank your website on Google easily.

  1. Clear navigation design

The most important element of a website is the navigation menu. This is the only way for visitors to browse your website, discover and learn about your products.

This is why it must be simple and intuitive. Make sure easy navigation is a priority when creating your design. You must understand it from a child of 5 years to a person of 80 years. Know more about the best web design firms in the world.

  1. Limit menu items to less than 7

Having too many menu items just confuses visitors. They should waste more time reading all the options in front of them. So, they can only end up missing the most important pages.

A user should be able to get the information they need in 3 clicks, starting from the home page. By clicking on your brand logo, users should return to the home page. 

Make sure your logo is unique and suits your website theme. it is advised to use a custom logo for your website, a custom logo is interactive and easily fits your theme!

Your brand logo is not only for showing off assets, so users can return to the home page by clicking on it.

  1. Avoid dropdown menus

Do you know why you should avoid the dropdown menu? It’s difficult for search engines to crawl drop-down menus.

Users move their eyes faster than the mouse moves. When the user moves the mouse to the menu bar to click and too many options appear, they get confused and probably carried away. Don’t you want them to go?

  1. Always keep the visual design in mind

“An image says more than a thousand words”. Images can convey the real value of content, capture user attention, and explain complicated concepts.

We are very visual beings. We understand a drawing better than a text. We are easily attracted to images and, most importantly, we retain information longer.

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