Eight Best Places to Upload Your Music

It can be overwhelming to decide where to upload your music online. You want simple answers. In an ideal world, it would be as easy as telling you how to upload music to Spotify. But there are so many options!

You want your music to be heard and appreciated. Your goals are to grow your fan base, reach more people, and- dare we say it- make more money. Here are the eight best places to upload your music.

1. BandCamp

For new musicians, it’s hard to beat BandCamp. The site attracts music lovers hunting for new tunes and musicians. If you want to find your first devoted fans, it’s a good place to start.

Artist accounts are free, you won’t pay to upload your music. Sales are yours, minus fees. And you can offer three download options to your fans: free, set price, or “donation.”

2. SoundCloud

If you want to build a community and give listeners the ability to comment on your music, look no further than SoundCloud. The user base includes over 175 million unique and active visitors per month. And you still can make money from the music you share, but your fans won’t find it mobile-friendly without a paid subscription.

3. Got Video? Choose YouTube

Many artists with international fame were discovered on YouTube: Justin Bieber, Alessia Cara, Cody Simpson, Charlie Puth, and Carly Rae Jepsen are just a few. With more than a billion users per month, it can be a great option for your music marketing.

You’ll have an edge on this visual platform if you create high-quality music videos. Alternatives, if you’re not yet making videos, will be uploading your cover art or another picture. Even your song lyrics can work in a pinch.

If you use the YouTube Artist Hub, you have more advantages. You can earn ad revenue, about $7.60/1,000 views, from your videos. Collecting royalties from people who use your music is possible, and will be easier if you sign up with a music distributor. And you can encourage fans to engage with you by interacting with them in the comments.

4. Spotify

If you want great reach from your streaming music uploads, look no further than Spotify. The “Discover” tool and “Release Radar” help connect listeners to music similar to what they’re already listening to, giving you a chance to shine even if you’re relatively unknown. One of the selling points of this platform is the name-brand recognition that can help you look more official to less savvy listeners.

If you haven’t yet found your audience, you may also want to use Spotify for their user data. They’ll share demographic information about who is listening to your music. This can help you identify what’s working and how to build on those successes.

5. Apple Music

With over 240 million paying subscribers, Apple Music is a massive streaming service. If earning money from your work is a priority, Apple Music and iTunes should not be ignored.

6. Amazon/Tunecore

If you want to sell your music through Amazon, consider Tunecore. It works with new and independent musicians to share their music with the public. By choosing Amazon’s distribution, your songs will be available through their platform and any other streaming services or music stores you select. And any time your music gets downloaded or played, you’ll see your money show up in your Tunecore account.

7. Reddit Music

Want real feedback on your music and a chance to go viral? Consider Reddit among your top choices for direct interaction with potential fans. This can be a fantastic tool for holding a lot of grassroots potential in growing your community.

8. Remember to Upload Music to Your Website

Even if you don’t yet have a strong following and traffic, putting your music on your website is important. Your website is the only channel you can 100% control online. Other sites can take down your music faster than you can change keys.

And if someone comes to your website because their friend says, “Hey, you’ve gotta check out the music by this awesome band,” you don’t want them leaving your site to get distracted and listen to someone else. You want them to stay, listen, and hang out so they can get to know you and buy a song.

Be strategic when you decide which platforms to use to host your music. You will be able to choose the best combination of platforms for you with these three points:

  • Determine which platforms will be the most popular with your audience
  • Identify what strengths those platforms will bring to your marketing
  • Decide under what circumstances you want to use them

This selection is the start of your journey and exploration. You have many options for where to upload your music, and only you can decide which options are best for your needs.


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