4 Best Free Concept Map Makers to Create Concept Maps Online Easily

The need to create concept maps online stems from the fact that knowledge is clearly and briefly captured. These types of resources are very explanatory and educational. This aspect of creating concept maps online helps improve your work or academic performance.

Next, I will show you the best free concept map makers to create online concept maps both free and paid. You can decide whether to implement them on your computer or from your mobile. I will start by defining what concept maps are. And I will explain about 4 best free concept map makers as well.

What are concept maps?

Concept maps are nothing more than brief notes. Ideas, concepts, and drawings are expressed in order to memorize and extract the investigation. A concept map is a technique to schematize and simplify information.

Surely you learned to make concept maps when you were at school. It was easy to summarize the research in a visual way, with many illustrations and few words.

With the passage of time, the need to create concept maps online at more critical, professional, and advanced level increases. It has done due to its business use and even in digital marketing and SEO-oriented.

Importance of concept maps

Using concept maps offers endless benefits. For example, it facilitates compression and memorization through the use of visual elements. They are an excellent tool to plan material for classes, exhibitions, work, among others.

It allows us to develop or improve reading compression. An extra benefit is that thanks to its implementation. However, the brain’s two hemispheres are worked on, which helps to organize and retain that information for a long.

An interesting aspect that highlights the importance of implementing. It is that whoever does it becomes more creative. Therefore, interrelating various concept implies mastering the subject in an exhaustive and complete way.

In digital marketing, they offer the option of reading information more clearly. Because visual communication is more effective than oral communication.

Types of concept maps

There are many types of concept maps. But I will tell you about the best free concept map makers which are the most effective and widely used today.

Hierarchical or chronological: It has a concept called “father” where information begins to be broken down as per its importance.

Spider: It owes its name to its structure. However, the central idea is located in the center and secondary ideas branch out, like spider legs.

Systematic: This one is similar to the previous one with the difference. It can break down branches to develop new ideas.

Multidimensional: You can start creating from a two-dimensional or three-dimensional figure.

Organization chart: It is a linear model. The program allows you to have a uniform idea. So, you must define it very well to be able to follow it.

Landscape: As its name says, it tries to represent a landscape or figure, based on the information to capture.

Hypermedial: These are performed in any of the above structures. But it uses more information, whether written or multimedia.

4 Best Free Concept Map Makers to Create Concept Maps Online

There are the benefits that the programs to make diagrams online bring you.
I will tell you how to make concept maps the best pages to make them online. You will get it without the need for computer installations. These are the best pages for making concept maps.


GoConqr is a free online program that provides study tools to create and share free concept maps, online notes, tests, among others.

In addition to improving learning, using concept maps makes connecting ideas easier. This tool is used by students due to its easy use.


It is an award-winning and recognized online concept map maker with ease of use. The program also has a wide variety of pre-designed diagrams or maps. It combines unique features, real-time collaboration, online feedback to give and receive information.

Creately has a color palette to style the design and work history to recover any lost files. It has a useful toolbar to reduce information clutter and speed up the process.

The paid version has a low monthly fee cost. However, you can work in collaboration with other people.


It allows you to create concept maps online and in real-time. Available in a free version and another in a paid version. As for the latter, it offers you greater functionality.

A relevant aspect of this tool is in real-time by working. The program allows you to exchange information or work on the same project collaboratively.


You are not a professional graphic designer. But, Canva gives you the opportunity to create stunning concept maps completely free of charge. Therefore, it is a very useful and complete online concept map maker.

How to create a concept map with Canva in 5 easy steps?
  • Log in by creating a Canva account
  • Choose from the wide variety of professional templates the one you need to create your map
  • Upload your own image or select from over a million options
  • Edit your images adding filters and texts
  • Ready! Save and share.


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