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The Rise of A Digital Marketing Agency: An Interview With Stergo Media Founder Aleksandr Suchkov

There are plenty of marketing agencies in the world. With countless options, businesses face a hard time figuring out which one they should work with. Similarly, we’ve seen a lot of people fall for subpar services due to lofty claims made by marketers. One way of avoiding this problem is by working with a good marketing agency.

Stergo Media has been providing one of the best marketing services in the industry for quite some time now. We sat down with its founder Aleksandr Suchkov to discuss the role of digital marketing in making brands succeed and how his company plays its part.

What Was Your Reason for Creating Stergo Media?

Ten years ago, I was out on a mission. I was looking for good marketers to help me take a brand to the next level. Despite contacting hundreds of agencies and discussing my plans, none of them seemed to offer what I was looking for. Good quality marketing seemed hard to come by.

After hitting a dead-end, I decided to take things into my own hands and started a marketing agency, Stergo. My agency was different from the rest. It incorporated modern techniques with traditional marketing to deliver its results.

J4Z16noWhat Is Stergo’s History?

When I first started Stergo, we operated from a small 2-by-1 office. The office was so small that we’d call it a room instead. Despite the modest beginnings, our services were widely recognized in the industry. Soon after starting the agency, I decided it was not time to expand our services and operations.

Instead of moving to a new office, I wanted to do something different. There was no point in wasting money on rent; instead, we acquired firms online and developed expertise. Soon, we were handling clients from across the globe.

How Did Stergo Become One Of The Best In The Industry?

Well, I always say hard work pays off. Stergo doesn’t work like other firms in the industry. We provide tailored marketing solutions to every client that approaches us. Furthermore, we ensure that the client does not have to wait excessively to communicate with us. We have a team available around the clock to handle international clients.

At Stergo, we have a team of fourteen marketing professionals with a lot of industry experience. This has allowed Stergo to take on clients from various industries. Despite being in Dubai, we believe there is still some untapped potential in the industry, so we’ll try to find it!

How Can Marketing Make Businesses Successful?

The answer is easy! Marketing helps brands inform viewers of their products. The viewers may like the product and purchase it. Businesses worldwide pour tons of money into marketing, and I believe a firm can become successful if it does too!

A good SEO and SMM panels like top4smm can help improve marketing strategy for brands and increase their online visibility. Other forms of marketing include PPC; however, Stergo offers more. We have web development and design from expert designers.

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