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Top 4 Types Of Can Crusher That Works Really Well

Can Crushers can be classified in a myriad of areas. They can be divided into several sections on their use as well as their raw materials for manufacturing or the amount of the cans they crush. These categories are crucial since you must choose the right crusher to meet your requirements. An Amazon can crusher to be used in a room for parties is different from one for which you will need to crush just 2 or 3 cans each month. Recycling machines for cans are available at different costs, and typically when you are looking to get more out of your machine, it will cost more, so making sure you get the specifications correctly is best for you.

The first step is to take a look at crushers using their function and use, and then more directly, the Semi-Manual, Manual and Automated crushers:


Manual crushers for cans are equipment that must be removed manually and can crush only one can at once. They are, in essence, the most basic models of aluminum crushers. They’re also the least expensive. However, you will need the ability to insert a new one manually and then remove the shell of the can that have been crushed each time. Since you must push the lever manually by your power and insert and take out the cans manually, they are known as manual crushers.


The semi-automatic crushers are the ones that come with a long feed tube that can hold many cans at a time, and when you crush them manually, they are automatically released from an accumulator box. You must hand crush cans using a lever. However, the mechanism for feeding is semi-automatic, and they will disperse the crushed cans, which is why they are known as semi-automatic.


Automated can crushers are equipment which automatically crushes aluminum cans. All you have to do is put them in a hole for feeding, and they emerge on the other side completely crushed. They cost a significant amount of dollars (multiple hundred dollars) and are designed to be used for large-scale recycling points or other objects of a large size which require crushing hundreds and even hundreds of cans. It is essentially plugging this crusher into an electrically powered outlet, placing the cans inside, and pushing the button to crush the entire stack in one go. The automatic crushers are massive in comparison to semi-automatic or manual crushers. However, they are a great option when you require a large amount of crushing work to be completed.

Non-electric and electric

Let’s take a look at both electrical as well as non-electrical properties. We can find that fully automated crushers use electricity, while manual or semi-automatic crushers are completely hand-operated.

Can size

The term “can crusher” is also classified based on the type of cans that are crushed. In essence, these crushers can crush cans that have a smaller size than the maximum volume of beverage; for instance, an 18 OZ crusher can crush 7-12 and any other size up until the 18 OZ mark. Below is a table listing 11 sizes of cans with millimeters and OZ.

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