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Drug Case: SRK Son Aryan Khan Gets Bail

On Thursday (October 28, 2021), Shah Rukh Khan was seen laughing with his team of lawyers in the first photos released after his son Aryan Khan was granted bail. Pooja Dadlani, his manager, was also featured in one of the photos.

Satish Maneshinde and his team were part of Aryan Khan’s defence team, which has been fighting to gain bail for almost three weeks.

“Following the order, Shah Rukh Khan was overjoyed. His battle has reaped fruit “Mr Maneshinde told News Media  that the arrest was illegal from the start because Aryan Khan had no drugs on him.

Three weeks after his arrest in the drugs-on-cruise case, Aryan Khan was granted bail. He’ll have to stay in jail for at least another night because his lawyers can only ask for his release when the Bombay High Court issues a formal decision tomorrow.

“The High Court eventually ordered Shah Rukh Khan to be released on bail. From the moment he was detained on November 2nd, until now, there has been no possession, no evidence, no consumption, and no plot “PTI news agency cited Mr Maneshinde as saying.

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