Arizona State University- Engineering The Next Generation

Arizona State University (ASU) is one of the oldest universities in the US, founded in the year 1885. The university has consistently ranked as one of the best for various courses cutting across disciplines. ASU is one of the best when it comes to quality education and has an exceptional pool of faculty that has vast experience in both industry and academia. Arizona State University has been consistently ranked as one of the most innovative institutions in the United States for more than a decade, and the quality of education has only witnessed an upward trend.

Arizona State University also has a diverse representation from almost all the states of the United States and more than 130 countries. Students studying at the ASU are consistently involved in research work, and they receive guidance from both the faculty and the industry. ASU ensures that a student gets qualitative education coupled with a learning environment that makes them industry-ready. Arizona State University engineering college has consistently led research-related work; the same goes with medicine and law school that has made a name for themselves. ASU’s faculty and students have always been part of some groundbreaking research that makes it a cut above other universities in Tempe or the US in general.

Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering- Making The Next Generation Technocrats

When it comes to pursuing engineering in the US, the name of Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering automatically pops up in all the leading rankings. The institution has made a name for itself by investing in human resources, research funding, infrastructure, and above all, incentivizing diversity. The engineering college invested a whooping $126M in research, and the investment yielded results with more than 233 patents in just the last three years. This proves that if a student has a zeal for research and is related to making a dedicated effort, ASU is all set to transform the sparks of curiosity into flames of achievement. 

The rankings are also impressive as ASU is ranked as the 13th best in the online Engineering Master’s program. This becomes even more important in the post-COVID world when most of the education is happening outside typical classrooms. What the world is thinking today, ASU and Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering thought yesterday. ASU’s core competency is in line with the new realities of the post-COVID world. So, if a student is planning to take a course for a master’s in engineering, ASU is undoubtedly one of the best places to do so.

The engineering college is not about the courses it offers and its teaching; rather, it’s more about building connections that last forever. Students need to study in a college with a broad alumni base that will help them post-completion of the course. ASU, over the years, has produced graduates that have excelled in different spheres of life. So, no matter what a student studies, the chances are very likely that they will encounter one of their alumni at some of the top positions in government and corporate.

Schools of Engineering at Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

 School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering

In the post-COVID world, Biomedical engineering is poised to become one of the most sought-after courses as it has immense potential for future industries. With great impetus on research in the development of medical equipment, biomedical devices, biological devices, etc., the demand for biomedical engineers is all set to witness an exponential rise. ASU has some of the best research facilities with state-of-the-art equipment that helps students and faculty members do groundbreaking research in biomedical engineering. 

School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering

With the rising demand for energy and shifting focus towards sustainable energy sources has led to a steep rise in the demand for electrical engineers. ASU puts a heavy impetus on the research in this field with a total expenditure of over $38M. It has 12 research centers working in the development of cutting-edge technology. The doctorate program of the school is regarded as one of the best in the states.

School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence

The school focuses on computer science, computer systems engineering, engineering management, informatics, and software engineering. The next most significant technological shift pivots around augmented intelligence. Fulton School’s courses are specially designed to make the next generation engineers suited for the technological shift and be the driver of the new era of technological development. With greater digitization and increasing research expenditure, Fulton School is all set to welcome the new engineers who can be a part of the digital revolution.

The courses from cybersecurity are in most demand as it is the biggest concern of the digital era. An individual’s privacy to the database management of the world’s biggest companies will pivot on the cybersecurity architecture.

School for Engineering of Matter, Transport, and Energy

This school has one of the most diverse and industry-friendly courses. Aerospace engineering, Chemical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, and Mechanical engineering are the schools of engineering that encompass all the different disciplines of matter, transport, and energy. The need for newer and sustainable materials has gained much traction in recent years due to growing environmental concerns on the use of plastics, concerns on waste management, increasing cost of manufacturing has warranted the need for more research in the field of Chemical engineering, Material Science and Engineering

Aerospace has a different level of opportunity, with most countries opening up the space programs for the private sector has suddenly raised the demand for aeronautical engineers. The next era of communication and navigation will entirely depend on satellite technology, and space exploration missions will have a crucial role to play. The private sector companies are already witnessing a lack of talent pool, and young graduates are all set to fill the talent voids in the industry. 

School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment

Sustainable development is perhaps the most talked-about substance in all the industries cutting across sectors. Every company is trying to reduce its carbon footprint. From a mobile manufacturing company like Apple to a car manufacturing company, Toyota spends billions in research to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint. The sustainable engineering course at ASU has opened the gates for young graduates to pursue a career in this field. The school offers courses in civil, environmental, and construction engineering and construction management.

All the branches are concerned with construction technology and its management. The courses are crafted in a way to encourage research in the construction methodology. Infrastructure costs are one of the most significant expenditures of any country, and billions of dollars are spent every year to develop cheap construction methods that are cost-effective and environmentally sound. ASU’s Fulton university is credited with some groundbreaking research in 3D printing and its application in the construction of affordable homes at an exceptionally high pace. 

School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks

The school of Manufacturing Systems and Networks or the MSN is the newest entrant at the Fulton Schools and is located at the Polytechnic campus. The need for sustainable mass production with a well-collected network is one of the biggest challenges of the present times. The supply chain crisis surfaced in the COVID lockdowns when the manufacturing process was halted, and the whole supply chain network collapsed. 

The school of MSN integrates the course in a way so that students can learn industry 4.0, human-machine teaming, and systems engineering. An integrated approach is needed to solve the problems of supply chain management. The curriculum is crafted in such a way that it helps students get a real understanding of the underlying issue. 

Accelerated Paths To A Degree by the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

In the fast-paced 21st-century world, everyone wants things to be fast-paced. Be it the mobile phones, trains, cars, planes, and even the degrees have acceleration functions. ASU has the solution for completing the degree via accelerated paths. There are different ways to complete the degree through an accelerated path, and we will be explaining them in detail. 

The first way to complete the degree via an accelerated path is by completing ASU coursework while in high school. Another way is through combining undergraduate and graduate-level coursework while a student at ASU. Students are also given the liberty to create an individual accelerated path within the Fulton Schools. There are several ways in which students can make a customized path that is in coherence with their timing and capability. The rationale behind the accelerated path is to recognize the strength of each student and give them the opportunity to excel.

Engineering Fast Track for high school students

Engineering fast track helps students select one or more courses depending on an individual’s capability to study. This allows students to accelerate their engineering degree by completing some subjects earlier than others. Several schools offer the accelerated path, and if a student is studying in a school that doesn’t give such an option, they can register independently. This helps students in actively pursuing research-related projects in their spare time in engineering.

Bachelor’s + master’s in 5 years or less 

Many students simply waste time waiting for the course to complete, and then they enter professional life. ASU understands the student’s needs and provides an option to the Fulton Schools students to complete both the bachelor’s and master’s courses five years or less. The students are allowed to make a customized plan with their academic advisor to help them complete the course via an accelerated path. It helps students save precious time and use their skills in working and learning. It also gives students a fast-paced entry to doctorate programs. So, if a student has the talent, ASU is all set to provide the best-in-class education system with the utmost flexibility in studies. 

Arizona State University Engineering for long has made a name for itself, and it has undoubtedly changed the landscape of the research ecosystem in the US. It also has the distinction of being one of the most diverse campuses with students from all the sections of society and a sizable count of international students. In particular, ASU in general and Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering is the best institution for shaping the future of a student.


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