Aparajita: Channel 24 Introduces First AI News Anchor in Bangladesh

The news was delivered by Bangladesh’s first artificial intelligence (AI) news anchor. “Aparajita” is the name of the AI host.

Aparajita began watching the weekly newscast at 7 o’clock on private television network Channel 24.

In recent months, artificial intelligence (AI) has drawn more interest on a global scale. Kuwait News started using an AI named “Feda” to read the news in April of this year.

An AI newsreader named “Lisa” was debuted on July 9 by the private television network Odisha Television Limited (OTV) in India.

Building on these developments, Channel 24—a well-known private television channel in Bangladesh—became the first outlet in the nation to use an AI newsreader.

According to Channel 24’s Senior News Editor, Abdul Qayyum Tuhin, artificial intelligence offers several advantages. We also aim to stay abreast on technological changes. With that objective in mind, we launched this effort. The history of our nation will change, in my opinion, thanks to AI technology.

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